Vaccination Cabal Revealed

 Approx. 5:30 Min

Bernadette Pajer of Informed Choice Washington gave the WA Board of Health a lashing for its complicity in the vaccine industry’s plan to force vaccinate every man, woman and child on this planet.

“Michelle Roberts (WA state’s director of immunization & chair-elect of AIM) and every single immunization program head in every single state has a mission to remove our human right to medical choice, to silence the very real risks and limitations of vaccines, and they are doing so with the full support, collaboration and education of Pfizer and Merck and Glaxo Smith Kline and [others] who were all there at the conference in June. THIS MUST STOP.”  Bernadette Pajer



This is frightening when you stop and consider that Lyme/MSIDS patients are battling enemies within that effectively wreck the immune system.  Please read up on vaccines and consider their impact upon your health.  Every single Lyme/MSIDS patient I know who has been vaccinated has suffered a relapse.  “This brings us to the financial incentives to pediatricians offered by insurance companies for vaccinating our children. The Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance document explaining these financial incentives can be found here:  Pediatricians are raking in 40-80 thousand dollars a year from these kickback schemes.”




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