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Also:  In Comment section you can listen to Shapiro in action on a youtube video. The man is clearly mad, deceived, or evil.

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Recently Dorothy Kupcha Leland came out with the following article:

In short, she states, “Things are getting weird with the TBDWG,” because HHS was supposed to come out with the names of new members of the group by April but all that happened was an announcement by the IDSA finally on May 15 that Dr. Eugene Shapiro, had been named to the Working Group. When asked for confirmation from TBDWG staff, they said no decision had been made.

Her following questions deserve answers:

  • did the IDSA hallucinate Shapiro’s appointment—or
  • were they privy to decisions that have not been made public? 
  • why did the IDSA feel sure enough to enshrine this revelation on its website?
  • if not true, why wouldn’t HHS ask them take it down? It’s been sitting there for the world to see, for two weeks.

For Lorraine Johnson’s ( letter to the TBDWG in advance of it’s June 4, 2014 meeting:

LYMEPOLICYWONK: Will patients be effectively represented on Working Group?