If true, Shapiro on TBD Working Group will outrage Lyme community


This 2011 newscast shows Shapiro in typical fashion – deny, deny, deny.  

When asked if Lyme was a national crisis, Shapiro answers, “No.”  

Are you for real?  The numbers are only growing and it’s something like 430,000 NEW cases of Lyme per year.  That’s twice as much as breast cancer and nearly 6 times greater than HIV/AIDS.

He claims Lyme disease is easy to diagnose.

I guess he hasn’t read the memo that Lyme mimics over 300 different diseases, is pleomorphic and polymicrobial, meaning there are numerous other pathogens at play making each case uniquely different, necessitating different medications, as well as the fact current 2-tiered testing misses over half of all cases.

Sure, easy peasy.

He also accuses Lyme literate doctor’s of only diagnosing Lyme disease and not considering other diseases. This is flat-out untrue.  These LLMD’s are TRAINED doctors just like him.  The only difference is they are educated not only on standard conditions but also on the complexity of Lyme/MSIDS and what to look for.

He claims there’s over 30 years showing that long-term antibiotics don’t work and yet he neglects to mention that these studies have numerous inherent flaws including only accepting patients who test positive on 2-tiered testing with the EM rash. These criteria leave out a HUGE subset of patients, which means there is study bias.  He often fails to mention they typically use mono-antibiotic therapy that is not effective for this. These studies  NEVER consider pleomorphism (Bb’s ability to shapeshift) or polymicrobialism (coinfections).  He also must never have read Dr. Waisbren’s (an IDSA founder) book on 51 cases of chronic Lyme & the benefit of long-term antibiotic treatment:

Dr. Robert Edleman, pushes the bull’s-eye rash criteria but fails to mention that of the first ever patient group, only a quarter had the rash.  Depending on who’s counting, it ranges from 25%-80%.  Hardly a sure thing:  While it’s great when patients get it because the EM rash IS diagnostic of Lyme, many, many NEVER get the rash.

Edleman states to wait for the rash to get bigger before treating.  WRONG!  The EM rash is DIAGNOSTIC for Lyme.  Start treatment yesterday!

Shapiro states there is NO diagnosis for chronic Lyme and that some vast research somewhere indicates they NEVER had Lyme.

Let’s unpack that statement. The reason there is no diagnosis for chronic Lyme is NOT because chronic Lyme doesn’t exist, but because according to Dr. Donta in the documentary “Under Our Skin”, the IDSA pushed the Lyme guidelines group to reach a quick conclusion and while they discussed the acute phase of Lyme, they NEVER got to the chronic phase and entrusted Dr. Gary Wormser to deal with the chronic phase on his own.  He never did and patients have been suffering ever since.

‘Repeat a Lie Often Enough and It Becomes the Truth’

This interview was 8 years ago and Shapiro has learned NOTHING.  NADDA.

Edleman states you need that FDA approved test (CDC 2-tiered testing that misses half or more of all cases) he states only 5% go onto develop chronic symptoms.  WRONG!  This number has been estimated to be 60%:

Notice that when Mandy from “Under Our Skin,” spoke she mentioned that even with the EM rash, doctors told her Lyme couldn’t do that.  She was dismissed for years.  She also mentioned that she had all sorts of trouble with insurance paying her treatment.  She felt she was treated appropriately through Dr. Jemsek. She is completely well now and was treated by a Lyme literature doctor with long-term antibiotics.

But Shapiro wants to say the reason Mandy and others are better today is placebo effect.