Raising red flag over Lyme

Eagle Lake resident warns public to take disease seriously

BY MARCH 1, 2019



  1. We still don’t know everything about why some become chronically ill, and while delays in diagnosis are a factor, treatment failures have been documented since the beginning:
  2. There is also the issue of there being more subsets of patients besides “acute” and PTLDS:
  3. Until the pleomorphic and polymicrobial nature of Lyme/MSIDS is recognized, patients are doomed:
  4. Blood tests for Lyme/MSIDS is abysmal, missing over half of all cases.  There has been a concerted suppression of microscopy and other forms of testing:,
  5. Climate change has NOTHING to do with this:

“The authorities have been using tick expansion and climate change to get research dollars. Climate change is a popular topic right now, and that is a great source of funding for related research. However, any research on ticks and climate change is inconclusive––in essence, there is no validity. The long-range, futuristic projections and statistical models are bogus science because blacklegged ticks have already been found in northern Canada. In fact, we documented blacklegged ticks on migratory songbirds in northern Alberta dating back to 1998. Any allocation of government funding for ticks and climate change research is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. It will not help Lyme disease patients one iota.”  Independent Canadian tick researcher, John Scott

Few LLMD’s take insurance forcing patients to pay expensive long-term bills out of pocket. Insurance companies are the ones coming after doctors who dare to treat in a way that is outside the CDC guidelines of essentially 21 days of doxycycline:  Once they flag a doctor they nit-pick until they find any little thing:

The Lyme Wars are far from over.


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