In this article, I’ve broken down the documentary Trace Amounts, which is a crucial documentary that exposes how even trace amounts of mercury is building up in peoples’ brains causing chronic illness – including mercury poisoning.  

Thimerosal (50% mercury by molecular weight) remains in many vaccines (another name for it is Merthiolate). The Autism rate was 1 in 10,000 for decades until 1998 when it changed to 1 in 500. In 2000 it was 1 in 250. In 2004 it was 1 in 166. In 2007 1 in 150. In 2009 1 in 110. In 2012 1 in 88. In 2014 1 in 68. 1 Million children in the US are diagnosed with Autism.

13:08 The movie Rain Man introduced the general public to the term Autism. Dr. Leo Kanner, psychiatrist discovered it almost 5 decades earlier it was extremely rare.

16:43 The debate began in 1998 when Dr. Wakefield published a paper hinting at a link between the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine and Autism. He learned the hard way to NEVER question the vaccine schedule. He was vindictively accused of fraud.

18:28 Many are questioning the mercury based preservative Thimerosal in the vaccines as the culprit. It was invented by Eli Lilly and Co. in the 1920s. It’s a cheap way to keep vaccines on the shelf. Thimerosal is not needed – it’s all about money.

In 2007 before the omnibus judgement was made declaring Thimerosal safe, a 9 year old girl’s case against Thimerosal was settled out of court, by the same court, and the records sealed. Also a CDC study in 1999, before the case, had found a major association with Autism. The words, “So we are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending any lawsuits if they were initiated and I am concerned,” were highlighted in a secret transcript from a meeting.

21:00 The film then declares that 911 in 2001 became an opportunity for the vaccine industry when Congress in 2002, late at night before the bill was passed, somebody had slipped in a secret rider that would have dismissed all lawsuits against Eli Lilly and all vaccine manufacturers for putting Thimerosal in vaccines. The same day the security act was signed the White House had the Justice Department file a motion to seal ALL documents related to 100’s of claims that Thimerosal in vaccines had caused Autism. Under pressure, the Bush Administration withdrew it. The deceptive acts were raising red flags everywhere.

22:02 A senior scientist at the CDC is on record stating they made a lot of mistakes, admitting there are a lot of documents they don’t want the public to see.

24:11 David Geier, VP Institute of Chronic Illnesses President, MedCom, states what’s important to know about Thimerosal is that Eli Lilly did an experiment on humans – there was an epidemic of meningitis in Indianapolis, where Eli Lilly is, where 144 people came down with bacterial meningitis in the brain. Eli Lilly took a subgroup of those people and exposed them to a 1% solution of Thimerosal intravenously, an extremely high dose, that was killing animals in the lab. Of the 22 people in this subgroup, ALL OF THEM DIED – many died within the day. They reported “no toxic effects” and presumed all died of meningitis. Mark Geier, M.D., Ph.D., President, Institute of Chronic Illnesses states that this experiment is the only safety study ever done on Thimerosal.

25:33 Pittman-Moore bought Thimerosal from Eli Lilly as a preservative to be used for dogs and in 1935 they found it was unsafe for dogs and wrote Eli Lily stating, “Merthiolate is unsatisfactory as a preservative for serum intended for use on dogs” (p. 9) due to so many reactions in the dogs. In 1948 there were so many complaints the AMA put together a blue ribbon panel to discuss the problem. Frank Engley, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. of Microbiology (retired) University of Missouri who was on that committee stated quite recently that they found that Thimerosal is toxic down to the nano grams parts per million. This was published in numerous publications and no one seemed to care.

27:07 Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet – even worse than lead. Two parts per billion is the EPA’s toxic limit for drinking water. Two hundred parts per billion is what the EPA classifies as hazardous waste. Fifty-thousand parts per billion is what is contained in most Thimersal containing vaccines. Numerous studies show how unsafe Thimerosal is yet Eli Lilly does nothing.

29:40 Shows the vaccine schedule adds up to a total exposure of 237.5 mcg of Thimerosal.

30:20 At a rally Robert Kennedy Junior asks a very sound question – why aren’t unvaccinated children like homeschoolers and the Amish being studied? He states that 30,000 homeschooled children were studied by the UPI and there was not ONE case of Autism.

31:16 Dan Olmsted, Investigative Journalist and author of The Amish Anomaly, and Age of Autism, wanted to find out the Autism rate in the Amish. He found out that it is extremely rare.

32:22 Mayer Eisenstein, M.D., J.D. and Director of Homefirst Clinic (non-Amish practice), states that in a population of between 30,000 to 40,000 predominantly unvaccinated children he can’t think of any cases of Autism. He feels there is strong evidence that there is something in the vaccine causing Autism.

36:00 Dr. Paul Offit, the leading proponent of vaccination, has conflicts of interest up he whazzoo.

36:40 The 2007 CDC study that Bill Thompson performed, Offit says, has definitively proven that Thimerosal is safe. According to Brian Hooker, that study eliminated all Autistic children and even eliminated those most likely to be vulnerable to Thimerosal from the group before the study even began. As seen in the other Vaccines Revealed posts, Hooker got Thompson on the record explaining how these studies were fudged. Thompson states that when the CDC sees an adverse reaction they don’t want to report they call scientists into a room to work for hours and hours so they can remove those associations. According to Thompson, research is set back 10 years due the CDC being paralyzed by anything related to Autism.

39:30 Boyd Haley, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. of Chemistry (retired) University of Kentucky, states that everyone knows that genetics cannot cause an epidemic. Genetic susceptibility can but you have to have the toxin to trigger that susceptibility.

40:17 The amount of mercury in vaccines doubled from 1989-1992. The amounts are clearly way over the Federal guidelines for mercury.

41:00 Vas Aposhian, Ph.D. Toxicologist at the University of Arizona talks about how the vaccine guidelines actually are based on methyl mercury – the kind of mercury found in fish when eaten, whereas the mercury found in vaccines is an injection of ethyl mercury. An Italian study found that the type in vaccines is 50 times more toxic to cells than the kind found in fish. Andy Cutler, Ph.D. Author of Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment, states when you eat the mercury in fish, your body doesn’t absorb all of it however, when you inject ethyl mercury from a vaccine into the body, 100% of it is absorbed. Another study using monkeys showed the devastating ability of both types of mercury to get into the brain with ethyl mercury being the worst. Numerous scientists discovered and told the FDA about the unsafe levels of Mercury which resulted in the 1999 Joint Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Public Health Service stating that thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible. Vaccines were continued with no recalls until 2001.

46:45 Frank Engley, Ph.D., states that there is aluminum in vaccines as well and it works synergistically with mercury making it exponentially more toxic than if it was alone. The FDA has left out three crucial variables – 1) It’s Ethyl Mercury NOT Methyl mercury, 2) it’s injected not taken orally, and 3) the addition of Aluminum. Imagine what the math would show with all of these variables.

50:00 A CDC researcher found the Thimerosal link was very high (an 11.35 which is higher than the relationship between smoking and lung cancer) so the CDC began to stratify the data. The more you stratify you start to lose statistical power. They eliminated about half the population. The numbers still wouldn’t go away. They kept stratifying for 3 generations until they got a 1.69.

Dr. Verstraeten found a Thimerosal link between a whole list of disorders including ADHD, Autism ADD w/o hyper, tics, sleep disorders, speech/language, unspec’d devel. delays. He had 3 hypotheses: parental bias, he didn’t know, or it’s the Thimerosal.

52:25 There was a secret and closed meeting called Simpsonwood Conference where scientists and experts saw and agreed there was a linear connection with mercury and Autism but they kept quiet about it – even at a 2000 Government Reform Committee meeting.

1:01:35 Verstraeten, immediately after presenting his data which lowered the risk by stratifying data again for a 4th generation, announced his resignation at the CDC and his new position at Glaxo Smith Kline at their Brussels’s office – a manufacturer of vaccines using Thimerosal and a defendant in many lawsuits.

1:02:15 The Senate was confronted with either voting down the Homeland Security Bill or accepting it with the secret rider making all pharmaceutical companies immune from being sued. They voted it in.

1:04:06 The public began a letter writing campaign, sending emails and faxes which brought the Senate to its knees. It forced an abrupt reversal. Congressman Dick Armey states admits he put the secret rider in and that he’s proud of the fact.

1:05:10 The CDC decided to do one more final generation of Verstraeten’s study without Verstraeten but they took the extremes and drove them toward the middle – and the closer to the middle, the smaller the relative risks. That’s what they published. To cap it off, the CDC LOST all of Verstraeten’s raw data.

1:08:20 The CDC uses Denmark as an example of how removing Thimerosal from vaccines did not lower the rate of Autism but in fact they continued to rise. According to Hooker, Ph.D., there were confounding factors that made it impossible to look at Thimerosal removal and Autism rates. Shortly after it was removed from vaccines in Denmark they changed Autism diagnostic criteria increasing the rates then they added in rates from outside those diagnosed at a hospital which accounts for the majority of cases nation wide. These factors easily explain why the Autism rates continued to rise. Once these changes stabilized the rates started going down. The CDC knew all of this. The principal investigator and coauthor of the CDC study exonerating Thimerosal, Poul Thorsen, now living in Denmark, is a wanted fugitive for stealing over a million dollars from the CDC.

1:11:00 The CDC calls for a halt on all further study of Thimerosal as they state it’s been proven to be safe. The May 2004 IOM report stating the safety of Thimerosal is settled science has been affecting the debate ever since.

12:00:00 There is hope according to Andrew Hall Cutler PhD. You have to find a chelator that goes into the brain for Mercury and then find out how much you need and how often. Alpha Lipoic Acid can be used but needs to be taken every 3-4 hours. One man with mercury poisoning was able to return to work after a few months of Dr. Cutler’s protocol.

The flu shot contains Thimerosal.

1:14:00 They CDC recommends the flu shot for pregnant women even though they tell them not to eat certain types of fish while pregnant due to the mercury content. The flu shot has NEVER been tested on pregnant women. The package insert states they don’t know if it will harm the fetus, pregnancy, or cause birth defects. According to David Ayoub, M.D. Memorial Medical Center, that is an outright lie. There’s been 3 animal studies studying the effects of Thimerosal in developing animal fetuses which all showed increased Thimerosal caused increased abortion rate. It kills fetuses. It’s also more toxic to males than females.

1:17:00 Story of a woman who’s doctor persuaded her to get the flu shot while pregnant with twins against her better judgment. Within 5-6 hours of the vaccine she began cramping and losing blood. She went back to the doctor who told her she was miscarrying. She lost the boy and the girl was born with autism. Her doctor was horrified and decided to stop vaccinating pregnant women. She then checked her baby girl’s teeth for metals and she had enormously high mercury levels in them.

1:18:52 Schools that have a small mercury spill (thermometer breakage) have men in hazmat suits show up and the school is evacuated, yet these same schools inject it into the arms of every student.

1:19:50 Acrodynia (Pink Disease) in the 30’s-50’s was discovered to be a form of inorganic mercury poisoning due to a teething powder rubbed into the gums. Only 1 in 500 children exposed to mercury contracted Pink Disease showing once again a genetic susceptibility. The disease became more prevalent with commercial exposure of the product. When symptoms of mercury poisoning are compared to Autism, they are the same.

1:22:22 Florescent light bulbs contain mercury and if they break it goes into the air as a vapor. Dental Amalgams (silver fillings) are 50% mercury. Babies born with mothers that have mercury amalgams have more mercury in their tissues than the mother from the mother’s fillings. If a woman is toxic with mercury one of the biggest ways for her to detoxify is to have a baby because it will go into the baby. Coal fired power plants also emit mercury from the coal. Dr. Raymond Palmer found when 1,000 lb. of mercury was released into the environment there was a 61% increase in the Autism rate. Mercury builds up in rain, ocean, and rivers.

1:29:00 Testosterone makes mercury much more toxic. Estrogen protects neurons from mercury. Glutathione helps the body excrete mercury. Autistic children have less of this. When Autistic children’s hair was tested for mercury they had far less of it showing they were not excreting it. The lower the hair levels the more severe the autism. When Autistic children were given chelators to bind with mercury their urine levels were full of it. Autistic children have over two times more mercury in their baby teeth. Autopsies showed brains of people with Autism had almost twice the amount of mercury in them.

1:38:00 While Thimerosal has supposedly been taken out of the childhood vaccine schedule (except “trace” amounts), the flu shot still has it and they are recommending the flu shot for everyone, including children and pregnant women and the elderly.

1:39:00 If you get a vaccine you can request one without Thimerosal. Choose an LED bulb rather than a florescent one. Choose dental fillings without mercury. Request that power plants use mercury filtration systems. Write the president and request he immediately remove all Thimerosal from vaccines.

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