Vaccines Revealed #9

Vaccines Revealed #9

20:00 Brian Hooker, Ph.D., states that Gardasil, the vaccine for HPV, is loaded with aluminum. It has upwards to 750 micrograms of aluminum per shot. They are giving it to children as young as 9 years old. It was never tested for children of that age group. It’s tied to amyloid plaques in the brain. The immune system doesn’t know with the aluminum atom. Through the series of 3 shots for Gardasil, people are getting milligrams of aluminum in total. It has the highest amounts of adverse reports of any vaccine. They are looking at trials to give it at birth.
Aluminum is an adjuvant to magnify the immune response by tricking the immune system into thinking it has a bigger problem than it really does which causes a prolonged response.

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Vaccine manufacturers save money by adding aluminum.

25:25 In California they passed Assembly Bill 2109 which lowers the age of consent to 12 in regard to birth control and methods to reduce sexually transmitted diseases. This means children without parental consent can request birth control and Gardasil. Hooker tells of cases where children are being coerced into getting the vaccine out of fear. They are being told that if they get raped they will get cervical cancer and they need to the Gardasil vaccine.

28:05 California also passed SB277 mandating that all children in public or private schools get vaccinated. They have 10 vaccines in the schedule.   SB18 has not passed but is another assault on parental rights. Dr. Richard Pan claims the bill protects children’s rights, but it is really unrestrained authority of the government if parenting style and family life are not compliant with their “researched-based essential needs” of children.

Pan is wholly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and receives more money from big pharma than any other legislator in California. Pan has launched vicious attacks against anyone who questions either bill.

33:42 The Cochran Review has stated out of 100 who get the flu vaccine, 1 received benefit. Some flu shots contain 25 micrograms of Thimerosal. You would have to weigh 550 lbs or more for your body to metabolize that amount of mercury. 36:25 The flu shot is being given to pregnant women – scientists have said there is a 20% increase risk of autism for pregnant women in the 1st trimester who get any flu shot – even if it doesn’t contain Thimerosal.

37:40 Pregnant women are told to get the flu shot and Dtap – in combination this increases the mercury toxicity many fold. DTap contains microgram quantities of aluminum. When you put aluminum and mercury together there is synergistic toxicity.

39:39 Dr. Heather Wolfson, Chiropractor & Holistic Family Care Expert, was raised in a chiropractic home and was never vaccinated. Her husband, Dr. Jack Wolfson – a Board-Certified Cardiologist, learned about wellness from her and left a large cardiology group after realizing the pill and procedure paradigm did not prevent disease. It wasn’t until they had their own children that Dr. Jack Wolfson did the research on vaccines. He states they never studied the research in med school regarding vaccine. It was just accepted dogma.

49:00 Dr. Jack Wolfson was interviewed on CNN regarding vaccinations. He told how it’s important to avoid chemicals and build up the immune system to fight illness. Vaccines carry a risk. Injecting aluminum into babies will have long term cardiac ramifications. Childhood infections actually lower risk for cardiovascular disease.

53:00 The Scientific literature shows a connection between Gardasil and POTS. POTS is when you can pass out anytime. This leads to concussions and even brain damage if the person hits their head after they fall. Research also shows that women who get pap smears and early detection preventative measures have an extremely low risk of death due to cervical cancer.

55:30 There are no long term studies showing that preventing a virus will prevent cancer. In fact, viruses and bacteria are smart and mutate and adapt when pushed.

56:38 Hepatitis C vaccine is loaded with aluminum. Aluminum exposure increases cardiovascular disease risk.

1:18:30 Dr. Dan Pompa, a Cellular Detox Expert, suddenly struggled with fatigue, anxiety/shyness, insomnia, allergies (food and environment), sound sensitivities, couldn’t heal, and was losing hair. Years later he discovered he had mercury toxicity. He read about Mad Hatter’s disease which was caused when people making felt hats used mercury to kill molds and other germs. He said he had the same symptoms as Mad Hatters. He had a blood test and it came back negative. An endocrinologist told him that blood tests only show acute mercury poisoning not chronic poisoning. He finally realized that days after he had dental fillings he came down with symptoms. Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury.

1:25:00 what Pompa learned himself is what he teaches today. (Beauty from ashes, from pain to purpose) 1:27:00 Just because you don’t have immediate symptoms from a vaccine doesn’t mean you haven’t been damaged. Every vaccine trains the body to overreact and to turn on an autoimmune reaction.

1:29:00 True detox has to happen at the cellular level.

1:33:50 Glyphosate (in Roundup, GMO’s) is the new toxin causing issues. There is a perfect storm of accumulative toxins causing autoimmune diseases.

1:39:40 Pompa emphasizes the importance of saturated fats which stabilize the cell membrane. Fish oil can be a good thing but without saturated fats, olive oil, and coconut oil to balance the equation people are becoming Omega3 dominant. Also, putting the body in a state of ketosis heals the brain. Ketosis can also turn off bad genes. Taking grains away helps lower inflammation.

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