I wanted to let people know that there are a few new Lyme websites listed on the right hand side of this page.

  • One of them was called Lyme Events but now is called What is Lyme, and it’s a website listing events from all over the place that relate to Lyme Disease.  Information about the disease and many co-infections.  A big thank you to Lisa for putting this together.  It’s a great resource.  The link below goes to the Wisconsin portion but the site has listings from other states and countries too.


  • The second is the Wisconsin Lyme Network website.  It even has a chat room. This is a developing website because it is so new so it is a bit bare right now.  But, go check it out, because it already has some great info on it.  Both of the sites are put together by volunteers.  A big thank you to Rhonda for letting us use the WisconsinLyme domain name.  She has the “.com” version and the new “.net”  version is based off of it.  Hopefully this will become a clearing house of sorts for Wisconsin Lyme resources and information. Rhonda has put on several events including a Lyme bike ride and Under Our Skins documentary  screenings and the “.com” site still has information on past events she organized.