May is Lyme Disease awareness month in many states. For the month of May the goal is to get awareness out in any way you can. Trish Mcleary started this two years ago with her, “Ribbons Across America” project.

Basically, we want to paint your town Lyme green. This project is nice because people suffering from Lyme that are really sick and stay home can participate by decorating their yard.

Here’s some ideas fro May:

  • Tie Lyme green ribbons all over your yard. You can write down Lyme websites on these ribbons, or sayings like, “Denying Lyme is a Cryme!”
  • Get your town’s permission to tie up these ribbons on phone poles.
  • Drop off LDA brochures for convenient stares, gas stations, schools to hand out.
  • Tack up LDA or ILADS brochures on any local bulletin boards.
  • Order signs for your yard saying things like Pass our Lyme Bills HR1179 so that Lyme Doctors don’t get in trouble for treating us!
  • Go to local places and hand out Lyme fliers and green ribbons.
  • Wear your Lyme green Lyme t-shirts!
  • Contact newspapers, TV stations, and any other media