The Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car moved into 1st place for the most number of votes on Sunday evening! Our car is also now featured on the “Most Votes” page for everyone to see! BUT we still need to keep the voting up.

Number of votes currently- 9290 (voting open 4 more days)

2nd place car, number of votes- 6,891 (voting closed)

Number of times someone clicked on the Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car to get a close up view- 9,600 (+)

Approximate number of visitors to the website where our car is located (since we entered the contest)- 3,000,000 (Yes! 3 MILLION)

In 10 days over 1,500 people visited the website dedicated to Dr. Jones and the children with Lyme, due to the Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car efforts. That is wonderful!

IT IS IMPORTANT to keep voting each day!

To vote, click here-

Currently there are over 32,000 cars entered in the race. The dead line to enter a new car will have passed by the time you get this notice (midnight Sunday, March 20, 2011).

We currently have 4 more days left to vote on our race car (15 days allotted originally). We need to try to bring up the number of votes as high as possible. It is important to keep voting each day because there are a number of cars with 1- 15 days left to get votes. Some of the race cars are closing on us quickly and could pass us once our voting period ends.

(Thank you to Phyllis for sharing this info so I could pass it on.)