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Lace Up For Lyme Walk 2012

Click below to print out the flyer and share with others.

 2012 Lace Up For Lyme Walk Flyer


Protest at the Annual IDSA Meeting.

(This information was sent out to Lyme leaders to share with support group members/attendees.)

Print out this flier at this website and share with others.

idsa flyer

IDSA Guidelines have caused debilitating illness and the deaths of far too many patients suffering from lyme disease and co infections.

We encourage all lyme friends to join us for this important event.

We are protesting the IDSA lyme disease guidelines

Saturday October 22nd From 11:30 until 2:00 PM

Boston Convention Center

We will be meeting Across from the Convention Center at World Trade Center Ave and Summer St Boston MA

Join Our Event on Facebook By Using the link below!/event.php?eid=126675737412164

The permit to Rally is all set.

Discount Hotel Rates are Available from 10-20 / 10-23 At Comfort INN Boston. Phone 617 – 287 – 9200

Use Group Block Code “Infectious Disease Society Meeting” ($129 per night)

Vote for the Lyme Disease Awareness Car

The Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car moved into 1st place for the most number of votes on Sunday evening! Our car is also now featured on the “Most Votes” page for everyone to see! BUT we still need to keep the voting up.

Number of votes currently- 9290 (voting open 4 more days)

2nd place car, number of votes- 6,891 (voting closed)

Number of times someone clicked on the Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car to get a close up view- 9,600 (+)

Approximate number of visitors to the website where our car is located (since we entered the contest)- 3,000,000 (Yes! 3 MILLION)

In 10 days over 1,500 people visited the website dedicated to Dr. Jones and the children with Lyme, due to the Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car efforts. That is wonderful!

IT IS IMPORTANT to keep voting each day!

To vote, click here-

Currently there are over 32,000 cars entered in the race. The dead line to enter a new car will have passed by the time you get this notice (midnight Sunday, March 20, 2011).

We currently have 4 more days left to vote on our race car (15 days allotted originally). We need to try to bring up the number of votes as high as possible. It is important to keep voting each day because there are a number of cars with 1- 15 days left to get votes. Some of the race cars are closing on us quickly and could pass us once our voting period ends.

(Thank you to Phyllis for sharing this info so I could pass it on.)

New Wisconsin Lyme Websites

I wanted to let people know that there are a few new Lyme websites listed on the right hand side of this page.

  • One of them was called Lyme Events but now is called What is Lyme, and it’s a website listing events from all over the place that relate to Lyme Disease.  Information about the disease and many co-infections.  A big thank you to Lisa for putting this together.  It’s a great resource.  The link below goes to the Wisconsin portion but the site has listings from other states and countries too.

  • The second is the Wisconsin Lyme Network website.  It even has a chat room. This is a developing website because it is so new so it is a bit bare right now.  But, go check it out, because it already has some great info on it.  Both of the sites are put together by volunteers.  A big thank you to Rhonda for letting us use the WisconsinLyme domain name.  She has the “.com” version and the new “.net”  version is based off of it.  Hopefully this will become a clearing house of sorts for Wisconsin Lyme resources and information. Rhonda has put on several events including a Lyme bike ride and Under Our Skins documentary  screenings and the “.com” site still has information on past events she organized.

May is Lyme Disease awareness month

May is Lyme Disease awareness month in many states. For the month of May the goal is to get awareness out in any way you can. Trish Mcleary started this two years ago with her, “Ribbons Across America” project.

Basically, we want to paint your town Lyme green. This project is nice because people suffering from Lyme that are really sick and stay home can participate by decorating their yard.

Here’s some ideas fro May:

  • Tie Lyme green ribbons all over your yard. You can write down Lyme websites on these ribbons, or sayings like, “Denying Lyme is a Cryme!”
  • Get your town’s permission to tie up these ribbons on phone poles.
  • Drop off LDA brochures for convenient stares, gas stations, schools to hand out.
  • Tack up LDA or ILADS brochures on any local bulletin boards.
  • Order signs for your yard saying things like Pass our Lyme Bills HR1179 so that Lyme Doctors don’t get in trouble for treating us!
  • Go to local places and hand out Lyme fliers and green ribbons.
  • Wear your Lyme green Lyme t-shirts!
  • Contact newspapers, TV stations, and any other media