A man has been left ‘imprisoned’ in his parents living room for four years after being bitten by a tick in the Scottish Highlands. Noah Greaves, who was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease, was working outdoors near Inverness shortly before he fell ill.

As his symptoms worsened, the 29-year-old eventually went to hospital where he was wrongly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But after speaking to a specialist clinic, medics confirmed the keen outdoorsman is suffering from the bacterial infection.

Noah, who now experiences severe tremors and muscle weakness leaving him unable to walk, feed himself or even send a text message, relies on his family for care. His mum has had to retire to look after him.  (See link for article)



Another maddening story of misdiagnosis, medical neglect, and non-answers from mainstream medicine which is content to leave its head in the sand.

A few points:

  • Like so many others, this man who worked outdoors was bitten by a tick.
  • Noah’s hands became “clawed” prohibiting him from using them at all.
  • His case is advanced and no one knows how much he can improve with treatment.
  • The “treatment” he is asking donations for (40,000 British pounds = 48,080 U.S. dollars) only lasts between 3-4 weeks, telling me all I need to know, and that this will most likely not be sufficient.  Why it costs this much for a month of treatment is beyond me unless he’s going to the St. George Lyme clinic in Germany which uses hyperthermia and antibiotics (which is not curative but has helped many).  Notice the clinic treats “acute” stage Lyme and states plainly on their website that after six months antibiotics don`t work anymore and even prolonged treatments useless.  I disagree with this entirely.  My husband and I and many others have achieved our health back after prolonged, judicial use of antibiotics and many other modalities, making sure to address all coinfections.
  • The article then goes on to regurgitate the same old crap about a rash, which many don’t get at all, as well as flu-like symptoms, headache, joint pain, and fatigue.  It’s become so predictable, yet so wrong,  I could personally write the script.