Kerry woman Karin O’Shea contracted Lyme disease from the bite of a tick when she was a teenager and went undiagnosed for 12 years.

Now, she needs urgent treatment.

When Karin became ill in her teens, she was misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She was able to manage her symptoms through medication and lived a normal life.

In 2020, the 26-year-old saw a rapid deterioration in her health. After endless GP visits, countless consultants, MRI’s, X-rays and hospital admissions, there were no answers.

Speaking with RSVP Live, Karin shared her experience:

“Me and my GP extended every avenue but there were still no answers.

“So, I had to send my bloods to Germany myself to test for Lyme disease and the results came back positive, as well as showing chronic immune suppression.”

Karin was tested for Lyme disease under the Irish system when she was 14 years old, but her results came back negative.

This was due to her chronic immune suppression; her body wasn’t creating enough antibodies and the Irish system detects antibodies in order to get results. (See link for article and video)



Another heart-breaking story of misdiagnosis which has caused yet another case to fester and worsen.


  • O Shea finally obtained appropriate treatment which included 5 antibiotics a day.
  • Due to her late stage case, she had horrific side-effects, and her body rejected the treatment.
  • Patient is now housebound due to severe neurological symptoms.
  • Her remaining option is to travel to Germany for a month of intensive treatment followed by a 6 months of rehabilitation.
  • She’s been told she has a 70% chance of obtaining remission and should get quality of life back.