To The Chronic Lyme Denialists

By Tom Grier

I am not writing to champion “chronic-Lyme-disease” or the many charlatans that create imaginative cures for vague symptoms, I am here to point out a couple facts that are always missing from articles criticizing chronic Lyme disease.

First of all, from the very beginning when Lyme disease was first discovered to be caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi, the Medical-Experts based all of their conclusions on serology tests.

At that time the patents for the ELISA serology tests from the CDC were held by seven top level CDC administrators, a clear financial conflict of interest in my eyes when stated were mandated to use the CDC tests that lasted the full length of their PATENTs and only ended when their patents expired. Odd coincidence???


All the serology tests for Lyme disease are based on B-31 lab strain of Borrelia burgdorferi we now have 19 Lyme disease Borrelia species and only Bb is detected with these tests. Also Borrelia myamotoi (a TBRF), which is found in the same tick as Lyme disease is transmitted in just 20 minutes. So the theory that Lyme disease can’t be transmitted within 36-48 hours (Yale Medical Report by Marc Voortman) is allowing an undetectable Tick-Borne-Relapsing-Fever to enter the patients and despite Lyme-like symptoms the patients will always test negative on a Lyme disease ELISA test.

The medical experts got many things wrong since 1982:

  • No transplacental transfer (Gary Wormser and E. Shapiro)
  • Is not intracellular (Alan Barbour) 
  • Lyme ELISA tests are 99 % accurate (CDC website) 
  • Erythema-migrans Lyme rash must be the size of a basketball or bigger (Dr. Johann Bakken 2016 IDSA President) 
  • No one dies of lyme disease
  • Two-Tiered testing is better than a single test
  • Many more inaccurate statements continue to be propagated by the Lyme disease experts of yesteryear. Graphic shows more:


So to find the truth, our group and others turned to PATHOLOGY as the gold standard, and what we found warrants the need for an International Multi-Center Tax-Payer funded Brain Autopsy Study to detect all Borrelia species in the deaths of Chronic Lyme patients, MS patients and dementia brains.

All pseudo-science aside: Lyme patients deserve better science and better studies based on PATHOLOGY not SEROLOGY.
Do the Brain Pathology first, then make your conclusions.

Thomas Grier, Study Administrator
Dr. Paul Duray Pathology Fellowship (A volunteer organization)

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