How a trip to India reduced healthy 37-year-old Aussie to a bed-bound patient only able to move for 15 minute blocks a few times a day

By Sarah Liversidge

Jan. 23 2023

  • Adelaide man contracted Lyme disease a decade ago
  • He is only able to move in 15 minute blocks
  • He was left undiagnosed for more than a year

A man who became sick after a mission trip to India almost a decade ago is still in the grips of a monumental health battle, only managing to move in 15 minute blocks before becoming exhausted.

Matthew Mason, 37, from Athelstone, in Adelaide‘s east, contracted Lyme disease when he was bitten by a tick carrying borrelia burgdorferi bacteria in December 2013 in a remote part of India.

The debilitating illness has left him unable to participate in activities he used to enjoy such as attending church, working, and creating videos for his YouTube channel.  (See link for article and video)



Mason didn’t show symptoms for more than a year after getting a tick bite in India.  This proves that the current accepted paradigm is false.  I disagree with the notion that antibiotics are useless after it infects cells.  The longer it goes untreated – the harder it is to treat, but the notion that antibiotics are useless is falsemad.

The article points out a problem in Australia: they admit tick bites occur but they deny any of the ticks are infected with the Lyme disease bacteria.  Herein lies a monumental problem that has remained for decades: different strains of borrelia can give you nearly the identical Lyme-like illness but testing won’t pick up these strains.  This has happened repeatedly in the South with something they call STARI that looks, smells, and acts exactly like Lyme disease.  But, people in the South that have every symptom in the book are denied treatment based on faulty testing.

Some good work is finally getting done by infected researchers from the South.  They have found that the South has borrelia strains that current CDC two-tiered testing will never pick up in a million years.

This quibbling over where ticks travel and what ticks carry has caused untold suffering.  A tick is a tick is a tick.  They should all be suspect until proven otherwise.

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