Multiple Sclerosis–The Infection Connection–Part 1

Are we driving full speed in the wrong direction? Could it be time for a left-turn?

Over the years I’ve been asked the same question by lots of patients, “With all the money that’s gone into MS research, why hasn’t it been solved yet?” —Maybe they’re looking in all the wrong places. This is the info I wish my MS patients had years before they met me. 

Since opening my doors in 1996, my medical practice focus has been chronic illness, with my continued goal being to find and treat cause(s), rather than only treating symptoms—Most people don’t know that many chronic infections underlie and cause a range of chronic illnesses. And the data supporting this for multiple sclerosis is compelling. Treating infections early leads to better outcomes—If there are infectious causes to MS, it’s likewise a time-sensitive issue, to treat the infection before disability sets in. This is counter to the prevailing autoimmune dogma, so this post will be a trip down the rabbit hole and back up, exploring these infections and ultimately showing how they weave together into the autoimmune tapestry.

This post is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 reviews the standard view of MS & why I think it needs a re-write. Part 2 looks at the potential infectious drivers of this illness.  (See link for article)


MS–The Infection Connection–Part 2

Answers hidden in plain hindsight.

This is the 2nd half of a two-part post about MS. In this part, I explore infections likely to cause MS. It took me 3 weeks of research—I hope it helps someone you love. Refer to Part 1 for the basics of MS, its epidemiology suggesting infection, and the lackluster outcomes from current MS treatments. (See link for article)


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