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“Premeditated Mass Murder” Evidence Suggests FDA & Pfizer Completely Aware of What Would Happen

Dr. Zelenko presents leaked FDA information on mRNA shots.

The FDA had a leaked internal presentation detailing severe side effects two months prior to “vaccine” rollout and Pfizer’s data correlates with the FDA’s.

“There’s a term for this: when there’s 100% correlation. What, the FDA has prophetic powers? So let me tell you what it is: it’s first-degree premeditated mass murder, crimes against humanity, and genocide.” ~ Dr. Zelenko

COVID shots are linked to:  Video Here (Approx. 2 Min)

Steve Kirsch Speaks at U.S. Senate Hearing

U.S. Senate expert witness testimony states that there are 410,000 unexplained deaths in Americans. Insurance company data shows 40% increase in deaths of people under 64. This is the greatest killer of mankind. This is the worse coverup in human history.

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The correlation to the COVID-19 shots now is irrefutable, just from using the U.S. Government’s own data from the CDC, and also from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

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