Thursday, October 28, 2021


As physician-researchers who have pioneered the invention of vaccines and other experimental drugs for over 30 years (against cancer), we feel compelled to highlight the need for caution and honest public debate about potential long-term consequences of the available COVID-19 vaccines. Operation Warp Speed successfully enabled rapid deployment of vaccines under emergency use authorization, but we believe there are urgent reasons to apply the brakes on mass vaccine mandates for children.

Disturbing short-term complications from COVID-19 vaccines in adults, including myocarditis, blood clots in the brain, and neurological disorders, warrant us to pause.  But we must be transparent that the real threat to children is the unknown long-term complications.

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The doctors warn against changing two variables simultaneously in a single experiment, as was done with the development of the COVID shots, as it violates the scientific method.

  • RNA-based vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) could trigger any number of autoimmune diseases, which can take years to manifest
  • mRNA also activates danger sensors in the primal immune system, which promotes pro-inflammation factors associated with autoimmunity
  • in 2014 a mRNA “vaccine” inventor published on the autoimmune potential
  • None of the injections has an “off” switch to control where they go in the body and how long they last
  • animal studies showed the spike protein in the brain, heart, and other vital organs
  • The J&J shot, which uses a virus stripped of its own genes to deliver DNA could cause cancer
  • Children rarely become seriously ill from COVID
  • A recent study showed conservatively that there is five times the number of deaths attributable to the shot vs. those contracting COVID-19 among the elderly
  • the authors state that are alternatives to the current dangerous jabs including: vaccines based on protein or inactivated viruses, monoclonal antibodies, and antivirals related to Tamiflu.  They carefully ignore Ivermectin, HCQ, and other treatments that have been heavily censored and now are considered quackery by corrupt public health agencies and mainstream medicine & media.