A patient with Type 1 diabetes called to tell me the pharmacist at our local Walgreens refused to fill the prescription I had written for ivermectin, so I called to ask why.

The young pharmacist, a few years out of pharmacy school, informed me he did not understand why I was using ivermectin for early treatment of COVID because “SARS-CoV-2 does not have an exoskeleton.”

I explained I was not using ivermectin as an anti-parasitic medication, but that it had impressive data as an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

Furthermore, as a pediatrician, I have more than 40 years of experience managing multiple viral illnesses. There is value in treating viruses early, often with inexpensive natural remedies, rather than “staying at home until you have problems breathing then go to the hospital” as U.S. public officials have advised for COVID.

The pharmacist was not buying my initial explanation. “I am not going to fill prescriptions for ivermectin that are used in pseudo vaccine doses,” he told me.

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32 Randomized Controlled trials Show Ivermectin Works

Oct. 13, 2021

Dr. Jack and Dr. Kory discuss the sociopathologies afflicting clinical and translational research surrounding COVID-19 therapies and treatments.
  • Randomized controlled trials are not omnipotent. Other data, including clinical data, is important.
  • Only two sources can fund RCTs: Big Pharma and the NIH (both are not to be trusted)
  • They have compared RCTs to observational controlled trials throughout history, and have found they have nearly identical outcomes.
  • Regarding RCTs: Dr. Kory states, “I’m not playing that game, it’s nonsense.”
  • In Peru, they looked at a governmental operation where they gave out ivermectin, within about 11 days you saw a severe drop in COVID.
  • In Mexico City they put out mobile units and gave out early treatment of ivermectin for 3 days (only 12mg, which Dr. Kory states is the minimum dose that should be used.  It’s what I used successfully.)  They saw a 76% reduction in COVID.  They emptied hospitals in 6-8 weeks.
  • Two states in Argentina by giving ivermectin had an 88% reduction in COVID.
  • Weiler states the culpability of denying treatment is very real.
  • Weiler gave a direct quote from Fauci which states he didn’t want too many people obtaining natural immunity because it would interfere with the need for a “vaccine” program.
  • Weiler reminds the listener of the “fake science” regarding HCQ where they gave patients fatal doses.
  • 15:00 Kory states he never understood the regulatory capture, censorship, and severe conflicts of interest until the events of this past year.
  • Kory describes how his paper was retracted after peer review.  The journal brought in an anonymous, independent peer reviewer who disagreed with their study so it was retracted after it had already been reviewed.  This was his “heads up” that something was wrong.
  • He lists numerous examples of the exact same thing happening to other researchers.
  • Big Pharma has a long history of attacking research on repurposed drugs.
  • They both agree that what has occurred has been a “slaughter of science and a slaughter of people.”