Opinion: How about health as a COVID exit strategy?

Frank Edelblut
Frank Edelblut


What is common among many of these health conditions are the significant influence lifestyle choices have in controlling them. This is particularly true for the top three causes of severe COVID-19. Of course, hereditary factors play a role in these conditions for some people, but for many people, these health conditions can be controlled with lifestyle choices.

The lesson we might take from this is health and wellness should be a key strategy in the avoidance of severe COVID-19 effects.  (See link for article)

The article points out that anxiety and fear-related disorders increased the chance of death from COVID-19 by 28%, which is the second-highest health condition accompanying death from COVID-19.

The author then astutely points out that for over 18 months the media has done nothing but emphasize and focus on risks, dangers, and tragic outcomes with little coverage on making healthy choices as a strategy.  To demonstrate this, a German paper finally came clean and apologized for its fear-mongering.

The media should be reporting on the complete censorship of doctors who are trying to truly help patients with effective, safe treatments and saving lives.  Instead, they are complicitly spreading the government’s misinformation.

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There are also many, many success stories of people who have survived COVID. You never read about these cases – only fear, gloom, doom, and more fear.  The healthiest thing you can do for your mental health is turn off mainstream media.  Just turn it off. 

A NY Times reporter just got caught lying about a COVID surge in schools that didn’t actually happen.

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