New Guidelines from WHO Put Children’s Life At Risk: Paediatricians

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06 July 2018

Two leading paediatricians in India have urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to urgently revise its manual on classification of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI), warning that the new guidelines put children’s life at risk.

This needs to be done “urgently in the interest of child safety,” Doctors Jacob Puliyel at St Stephen’s Hospital in Delhi, and Pathik Naik of Children Hospital in Surat, say in a report published in the prestigious journal ‘F1000Research’

Under WHO’s revised manual on AEFI, only those adverse reactions observed during clinical trials of a vaccine, should be classified as vaccine related. All new serious adverse reactions including deaths seen during post-marketing of the vaccine should be considered as ‘coincidental’ or ‘unclassifiable’, and the vaccine should not be blamed.

The WHO has also changed the definition of “causal association,” the doctors say. Under the revised guidelines, if there is an alternate explanation for the adverse event, or another factor is involved, causative association with vaccine should not be made.

“In other words, if after vaccination, a child with an underlying congenital heart disease develops cardiac failure, it would not be considered causally related to the vaccine.”

The revised classification by WHO “is a major step backward for patient safety,” the authors say, adding, “This could embolden vaccine manufacturers to be more reckless with regard to adverse reactions.”.

Puliyel and Naik note that the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety has documented many deaths in children with pre-existing heart disease after they were administered the pentavalent vaccine (combined diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib, and hepatitis-B vaccine).

“Under WHO’s new definition of causal association, these deaths would not be acknowledged as related to vaccination.”

Both Sri Lanka and Vietnam governments withdrew the pentavalent vaccine following the deaths of five children in Sri Lanka and 12 in Vietnam soon after vaccination.

But WHO investigating teams declared that the deaths were ‘unlikely’ to be related to vaccination, the report says. 

The authors point out that a new study in India, showed that the switch from DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) to pentavalent vaccine almost doubled the deaths following vaccination.

“A large number of these deaths could have been avoided had the AEFI manual not been revised.”

According to their report, the consequence of India adopting WHO’s new classification can be seen from the causality assessment of 132 serious AEFI cases uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Of the total AEFI cases, 54 babies died and 78 survived,

“but not even one death was classified as vaccine-related. Nearly all the deaths were simply classified as unclassifiable or coincidental.”

Vaccines are drugs used as a preventive measure, given to healthy persons.  Adverse events following immunization must be monitored more carefully than other drugs, the authors note.

“A credible immunization safety evaluation and monitoring system is essential for the success of immunization programmes.”

Adverse reaction and deaths may not show up as significantly increased in small safety studies. However, records of all deaths and serious adverse events following vaccinations should be maintained and periodically reviewed for safety signals.

According to the authors, WHO’s new AEFI classification scheme “that allows for an outright denial of any new causative association with vaccination” could fall foul of Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Adverse reaction and deaths may not show up as significantly increased in small safety studies. However, records of all deaths and serious adverse events following vaccinations should be maintained and periodically reviewed for safety signals.

“Paradoxically, the AEFI algorithm is said to be for vaccine safety,” says Puliyel. “Perhaps we need a scheme for public safety rather than vaccine safety.”

Please see:

200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate – FREE Research PDF  Written By:  GreenMedInfo Research Group

Also, Lyme/MSIDS patients need to consider vaccinations very carefully as vaccines have reactivated latent infections:…..young women who fell ill after their HPV vaccination, which seems to have stimulated a latent Lyme infection to reactivate.   Asymptomatic girls after receiving Gardasil activated dormant Bartonella which was confirmed by testing.

Dr. Klinghardt in this article states that many patients improve after dealing with retroviruses which can be acquired from vaccines:  An unintended source of retroviruses are some vaccines as reported in Frontiers in Microbiology in January 2011.

Since retroviral contaminated vaccines was first reported to the CDC, NIH, FDA, and other government agencies in 1991 by American immunologist Elaine DeFreitas, the government did absolutely nothing for over two decades until the FDA approved technologies developed by the Cerus Corporation in 2014 to clean up the problem.

Microbiologist Judy Mikovitz sounded the alarm and was viciously persecuted:

But unless your ear is to the ground, you probably didn’t even hear about it.  Yet many are probably dealing with it.

Data suggests that 6% of the U.S. population is harboring a retrovirus in their bodies that can develop into an acquired immune deficiency. It began with trials of polio vaccines and yellow fever vaccines given in the early 1930s. This is when the first recorded cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and autism appeared. It involved the use of laboratory mice to prepare vaccines for human use. Retrovirus exposure intensified in the 1970s as new vaccines and pharmaceutical products were developed. These retroviruses and related infectious agents are now associated with dozens of modern chronic illnesses – perhaps nearly all of them. In these diseases, infection leads to inflammation — and unresolved inflammation can lead to chronic disease.

Even though 20 million Americans are likely to be infected, not everyone will develop serious illness.  Retroviruses in the human body are like sleeping giants. They are quiet until they are activated in immune deficient people.  Once activated, they create diseases such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Chronic Lyme disease, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), numerous cancers, and a wide range of other autoimmune, neuroimmune, and central nervous system diseases. 

These retroviruses can be passed between family members through body fluids.

It is not unusual to find a family where everyone tests positive for a retrovirus, but only one person is experiencing a retrovirus-related illness. Symptom free carriers are common in human retroviral infections.
And our government hid it.

Do your research on vaccines and think long and hard about it as acquiring Lyme/MSIDS can be the trigger that activates retroviruses and vice a versa.


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