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Alternative Treatments for Lyme Disease Symptoms Brings New Hope

Sept. 21, 2021

News Center Maine

The multi-step, laser therapy treatment targets the biofilm that surrounds the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.


The news segment falsely states that only 25% go on to suffer from lingering symptoms.  This article, reveals that they achieve that low number by only counting patients who are diagnosed and treated early.  There is a much larger patient group (30-40%) that due to being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, that is diagnosed and treated much later (months to years).  When you simply add the two groups you discover that 60% of patients go on to suffer sometimes life-long symptoms. This is a big deal and needs to be corrected, but the CDC is constantly manipulating criteria and numbers for a pre-determined outcome that fits their accepted narrative.  And the accepted narrative for Lyme/MSIDS has always been and continues to be that it is hard to catch and easy to treat.

Some reasons these numbers matter:

  • using the faulty 25% downplays a real problem that is much larger in scope
  • research projects are typically done on issues involving the most people, so those suffering from persistent symptoms continue to be ignored in research
  • in order to qualify for entrance into research studies:
    • patients must test positive on the abysmally inaccurate 2-tiered CDC serology test that misses more than 70% of all cases and here 86%
    • patients must have the EM rash which is often missed or mischaracterized by physicians, can look different on patients, and which is often missing altogether in many
    • have a positive diagnosis which in a maddening never-ending loop is based on faulty testing 
Chronic Lyme patients are continually kicked to the curb due to faulty parameters that are regurgitated like a 3 year old reciting the alphabet with no understanding of it. 

I’ve posted on lasers before and we had a practitioner speak about them at support group. 

Please see:

Of course there are numerous types of lasers and the one presented in the news story is different then the class IV laser which I have had treatments with. Unlike the one presented in the news story, the class IV laser is very hot and must be moved continually or it would burn you.  The best way to describe the feeling is that it feels like your muscles have turned to butter.  I would compare it to a massage without the pain. It’s relaxing and quite effective against pain.  It does come with a price – when I had it done it was about $100 for about a 40 min. treatment.  I do highly recommend Raymond as he is not only trained with the laser but is a naturopath with great ideas. 

Until testing can distinguish between whether we are in active infectious state or just suffering from lingering symptoms that antimicrobials will not solve we are Guinea Pigs trying this and that for relief.

I’ve found the following things all help with pain:

Lastly, for me I had chronic headaches that felt like a horse kicked me in the head.  Seriously, I never knew that people could survive such unbelievable pain. Mostly at the brain stem (occipital area), the inflammation was so severe I eventually had a MRI to rule out Chiari.  I found that daily minocycline (a drug known to cross the blood/brain barrier) truly was one of the most effective things I used (I would put tinidazole in this category as well).  I do feel it’s important to layer treatment to mitigate any antibiotic resistance, so we always took 2-3 other antimicrobials simultaneously as well as pulsed diflucan to mitigate any yeast issues.



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