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Show 1245: Overcoming Chronic Lyme and Post-COVID Syndrome

Dr. Bill Rawls describes how the herbal therapies that helped him overcome chronic Lyme could help people with post-COVID syndrome.
Dr. Bill Rawls discusses post-COVID syndrome

The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging through the world for more than a year. More than 455,000 people have died in the US, but the vast majority of people who become infected survive. Unfortunately, for a significant proportion, symptoms associated with COVID-19 may last for weeks or months. Physicians have dubbed this post-COVID syndrome, or PCS. Patients are more likely to call it Long COVID and refer to themselves as Long Haulers.

What You Can Do for Post-COVID Syndrome:

Long COVID may affect people of any age, not just older individuals. One study found that half of the college students in the sample who had had COVID-19 were still struggling with symptoms like fatigue and trouble exercising, shortness of breath, chest pain, reduced sense of smell, runny nose and loss of appetite more than a month later (MedRxiv, Nov. 29, 2020). Although health care providers have learned a great deal about caring for people with the acute disease, they still don’t have established protocols to help those with long-lasting problems.

For several decades, before the pandemic began, doctors debated how to help patients with lasting symptoms from infections such as Lyme disease. At first, many experts denied that patients’ problems were due to the infection. Instead, they insisted that chronic Lyme didn’t exist.

However, people experiencing those symptoms themselves sought ways to manage them holistically. Some of the approaches they have used may be helpful for individuals who are now suffering with post-COVID syndrome.

Lessons from Lyme Disease:

Our guest, Dr. Bill Rawls, was frustrated that mainstream medicine had so little to offer him while he fought chronic Lyme disease. He went to the medical literature and devised treatments based on scientific studies of herbal medicines. These helped him and he has since helped others challenged by chronic immune dysfunction, whether triggered by infection or not. Now he is offering guidance to people with Long COVID.

Herbs Against Chronic Lyme Disease and Post-COVID Syndrome:

The herbs Dr. Rawls used for his own treatment included Japanese knotweed, cat’s claw, Chinese skullcap, and Andrographis paniculata, along with mushrooms such as Reishi and Cordyceps. Presumably many of these help regulate the immune system’s response. Some experts suspect that a chronic hyperactivation of the immune system might contribute to the symptoms of Long COVID. Dr. Rawls offers his recommendations for what people may want to do as they recover from COVID-19 to reduce their chances of post-COVID syndrome.

This Week’s Guest:

Dr. Bill Rawls is a licensed physician with over 30 years of experience and a leading expert in Lyme disease, holistic health, and herbal medicine. In the middle of his successful medical career, Dr. Rawls’ life was interrupted by Lyme disease. In his journey to overcome it, he explored nearly every treatment possible – from conventional medicine to a range of alternative therapies. In the more than 10 years since his recovery, Dr. Rawls has helped thousands of patients to recover from chronic illness and maintain wellness.

He is the author of the best-selling book Unlocking Lyme. He is the Medical Director of and Vital Plan, an online holistic health company and Certified B Corporation® that he co-founded with his daughter Braden.

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I have the same skepticism of “post COVID syndrome” as I do “post Lyme disease syndrome.”  Too often our public ‘authorities’ cause the very problems they then attempt to cover-up, by doing a bait and switch and giving it a jazzy name so we forget their role.  Disease is often complicated and tying a pretty bow on it by giving it a cool sounding label doesn’t make it any simpler.  

The PTLDS moniker continues to hurt patients by keeping them from life-saving antimicrobials.  The studies done and used to “prove” chronic infection doesn’t exist all have design flaws.  We know for a fact that treatment failures are seen in nearly every single antibiotic study ever done.  

There are potentially many reasons for “post COVID syndrome” and other adverse reactions/deaths, including vaccination.  Please see:

More is coming out about “pathogenic priming,” antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), vaccine hypersensitivity (VAH), and multi-inflammatory syndrome (MIS) in the many  adverse reactions and deaths occurring after the COVID shot.  Many are also becoming infected after the shot but we are continually told it can’t be due to the injection.  Back in October it was stated these injections could increase HIV risk:

Please watch Dr. Weiler explain the history of coronavirus vaccines that made animals sicker and killed many, as well as the unsafe epitopes:

The following quote is quite telling:

Is it possible that some instances of ‘long COVID’ could be a form of ADE? This is a possibility we have been considering. Typically people who get long COVID don’t test as positive from nasopharyngeal swab tests. But in deep seated systemic infections the mucosa may not show evidence of viral multiplication, whereas the infection may become systemic in certain tissues and be enhanced. This possibility cannot easily be dismissed.

Could the problem increase with new variants of SARS-CoV-2? Yes, as explained above.   Rob Verkerk Ph.D.

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