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Disappearing From Society

Disappearing From Society, is a short documentary that features four people with chronic illnesses, written and produced by Sarah Schlichte Sanchez. The short stories capture the daily struggles of those who seem to be falling off the face of the planet, as they spend more and more time in bed. Sarah is an advocate in the Lyme community, recently releasing her new children’s book, “Little Bite, Big Trouble” (available through Amazon) and hosting Lyme Voice, a podcast with her husband Aaron Sanchez.

This project has been my heart and soul. What started as a 7 minute video about one (pretty dang incredible) woman, resulted in MUCH more than simply my Senior thesis. It became a part of me… because it WAS me in a way, though I’m not in front of the lens. I truly hope this piece might allow for some hope on your journey to health.

“The Illness eventually controlled my every move.”
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