Lyme disease: A curable nuisance, or a chronic time bomb?

Lyme disease is a specter living among us, a dark cloud casting an ominous shadow of fear and anxiety over our state. Whether those fears are justified or unnecessary depends on who you ask.

The symptoms of Lyme range from mild inconvenience to debilitation; the outcomes vary from normalcy in a matter of weeks to, in the rarest of cases, death. The angst Connecticut residents feel lies in the unknown, the misunderstood and the controversial. (See link for article)



While this article does a great job showing both sides, I’d like to address a few statements made in this article:

  1. Klempner states that the Lyme vaccine has “little to no side effects,” and that it was an “effective vaccine” pulled from the market.”  I completely disagree:
  2. Klempner states that there has been great evolution of research and development in Lyme disease.  Please contrast that with Dr. Sapi’s comment: “I was shocked, actually, how much we don’t know,” Sapi says.
  3. Shapiro states that Lyme disease is “no big deal.” Again, I couldn’t disagree more.  This falls in line with Klempner’s definition and why they disregard everything pointing to a chronic illness because it doesn’t fit their belief. Please contrast this with Dr. Phillips statement: “It’s an outrageous statement to say there’s no such thing as chronic Lyme.” The saddest statement of all made by Phillips: “I’ve had patients literally come to me with PTSD, no exaggeration,” Phillips says. “They come in, they’re traumatized by the medical community. They’ve been disbelieved, marginalized, disenfranchised and they just have nowhere to go. And it’s a human rights issue, I think, nowadays, as much as a scientific issue. Because for these patients to be ignored and criticized, when all they did was get bit by a bug, it’s unconscionable.”
So there you have it – two very different takes on a TRUE pandemic that is sweeping the world this very minute and is not going away.