The Lyme Wars: Major Organizations Aren’t Playing Nicely Together

Please go to above link for article written by Judy Stone.


  • There are three groups setting guidelines for diagnosing and treating Lyme
  • It’s close to impossible to make public comments on the 81 page draft and 203 page supplement.
  • The author was bit personally by a tick and points out she didn’t wait for it go grow to fit the 5 cm diameter to fit the case definition. She also points out that according to the IDSA a clinical diagnosis must occur in an endemic area (line 598) despite the knowledge ticks are spreading everywhere. So her case wouldn’t have fit the IDSA guidelines.
  • The IDSA also states that patients with ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, dementia, & psychiatric disease should NOT be tested for Lyme despite the fact many have been misdiagnosed with these diseases when in fact they were infected with Lyme/MSIDS.
  • The IDSA states that transmission of Lyme is rare if the tick was attached in under 24 hours, and to only recommend prophylactic treatment if it was attached more than 36 hours – yet research has shown that transmission has occurred in under 24 hours with one study finding it could happen in 6 hours and minimum attachment time for transmission has never been studied.
  • The IDSA is strongly opposed to tick testing.
  • She points out that while the IDSA recommends a single dose of doxycycline for those bitten in an endemic area, many feel this will do little and recommend 2-3 weeks of antibiotics.

There will be a part 2 coming up.


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