Lyme Disease Cases Are Exploding. And It’s Only Going to Get Worse.

Climate change and human sprawl have triggered a pandemic

By Alex Bhattacharji


Glad they mentioned “co-feeding” and the probability they are spreading more pathogens into us more quickly, increasing prevalence. 

Glad they state this is a pandemic and the increase of ticks is everywhere making maps a joke. Throw them away. They’ve been used against patients from the get-go.

Although Lyme disease has been around forever, tinkering with it in a lab and making it more pathogenic isn’t a “theory,” it’s what bioweaponization means, and it’s far more than just Lyme. I’d say the experiment has been highly successful.

The Lymerix vaccine was a complete fail: Both dogs and humans have been given Lyme symptoms due to the vaccine. That’s a big deal. Shame on them for underplaying it.

They briefly mention the role of birds but fail once again by bringing the climate into it. Out of one side of their mouth they state ticks are marvelous ecoadaptors and then out of the other side of their mouth they blame the climate. You can’t have it both ways. Please note the DOD, DARPA, & the EPA are funding the supposed “link” between ticks & climate change….that is quite telling. They would rather blame the weather than take responsibility for tweaking ticks in a lab that perhaps gave them the ability to live on stucco & in dirt and be more aggressive….hmmm. Yeah, blame the climate.

Having the EM rash is highly variable from 25%-80%.  It should not be used as criteria for entrance into research studies nor as a required sign by doctors for diagnosis as so many do not get it. If you do have it – you have Lyme, but if you don’t, you could still have Lyme.

This article as actually quite a treatise on “Why nothing has been done to fix the Lyme/MSIDS problem.” For more:  Excerpt:  

“The authorities have been using tick expansion and climate change to get research dollars. Climate change is a popular topic right now, and that is a great source of funding for related research. However, any research on ticks and climate change is inconclusive––in essence, there is no validity. The long-range, futuristic projections and statistical models are bogus science because blacklegged ticks have already been found in northern Canada. In fact, we documented blacklegged ticks on migratory songbirds in northern Alberta dating back to 1998. Any allocation of government funding for ticks and climate change research is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. It will not help Lyme disease patients one iota.” John Scott


An independent Canadian researcher who doesn’t have strings attached to his work points out all the marionettes on strings in the research world, who by the way, refuse to even acknowledge his work…..and even advocates are guilty of jumping on a Bandwagon built upon faulty science. 

Let us never stoop as low as the enemy who has twisted science to suit their purpose from the beginning.
For more:

Lastly, please note the TBDWG has taken a supposed new turn and is leaving patients out of the process. Is this really shocking when you read the above issues?

For more on the bioweaponization issue: from interview:

. . .I am a biologist, so that’s where I started working on ticks and mosquitoes—how to produce a lot of them. Drop them out of airplanes. Everything was very hush-hush, very secret. I’m still leery talking about it, because I think they might put me in jail because I’m delivering secrets. [Laughs.] It was a crazy time.

We would run all kinds of distribution tests on where these things go when you release them and what were the factors that would cause the migration. Can we drop them out of airplanes and how do we get the bugs to the enemy? That was the thing we did. – James Oliver

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