The Candida Chronicles


Finally the long awaited first book on Candida and Yeast infections by Michael C Biamonte CCN. This is the 1st of a series of 5 books on what has been called “The scourge of the 21st century”. Candida in an intestinal yeast infection that is often undiagnosed. It causes dozens of symptoms that are often unrelated. Michael C.Biamonte is a New York State certified clinical nutritionist who has dedicated his professional life to understanding this syndrome and aiding those suffering with it for over 30 years. He is considered by many the worlds authority not only on the subject of Candida, but also how one can help themselves who have this condition.

Dr. Biamonte is the ONLY doctor who has actually cracked the code on how to heal the digestive tract and balance the mind and body without using prescriptions. The proof is in the thousands of patients he has successfully treated, including my son and I . This book is life changing and I strongly recommend it to anyone who suffers from candida, chronic fatigue or imbalances that cause illness. This book is the only prescription you’ll need.
– Jenny McCarthy

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Remove some of the candida on the surface of your intestinal track through supplements.
With natural & herbal substances, kill or eliminate candida from most of your body.
Cleanse the whole body of candida through a regimen of supplements & remove poisons from your system.
Using blood & hair testing, identify and correct nutritional deficiencies through vitamins and diet changes.
Build, repair & stimulate your immune system to make sure it can keep candida in check.


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