Candida the Chameleon

As a Lyme and co-infection sufferer you probably understand the ever-present danger of Candida.  We are all told to avoid sugar like the plague.  But did you know that certain vitamins, herbs, and minerals can spread Candida?  I didn’t.  Michael Biamonte, CCN, states that B-complex, iron, copper, calcium, and even vitamin D are often the culprits, and that antioxidants in high doses will protect Candida.

So what are we to do?  Biamonte believes Candida needs to be eliminated in stages starting with the killing of parasites from the intestinal tract and breaking up the colonies of yeasts and bacteria.  Phase 1 eliminates most of the Candida, sometimes taking months.  Phase 2 destroys Candida in the intestinal tract while encouraging friendly bacteria.  Phase 3 is to regain energy by getting rid of toxic metals.

Of course this is much more complicated than is sounds, but he believes strongly that the most common mistake is copious vitamins and supplements while Candida is present.

Candida, like a Chameleon, can switch from being a fungus to a yeast, and on a personal note, for 20 years I had 3 toes with nail fungus.  Six months into Lyme and Co treatment, it was all gone.  I give the credit to the tiny little pink Diflucan pill taken twice a week.  So see, there are some bennies to treatment!

For more information to to:  The Biamonte Center For Clinical Nutrition.  Oct. 15, 2014.  Also printed in the Examiner:

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