Please go to link above to read The Better Health Guy’s summary on MCAS presentations at the Chicago ILADS convention.  Scott has requested people go to the link as there may be future corrections to the information.

He summarizes Dr. Afrin and Dr. Mozayeni’s presentions.

Afrin:  “Mast Cell Activation Disease: Foundation and Application in Tick Borne Disease Management”

Mozayeni:  “Mast Cells: Considerations in the Lyme or Bartonella Patient”

For those of you suffering from MCAS, I highly recommend Dr. Afrin’s book, “Never Bet Against Occam:  Mast Cell Activation Disease and the Modern Epidemics of Chronic Illness and Medical Complexity”

For more on MCAS:  Dr. Afrin recently related the story of a patient,

“who in the first year of his life had been perfectly normal and then, within hours of his first DTP vaccine at age one, developed into just a terrible multi-system inflammatory mess, including essentially acute onset autism.”

When he was 20 years old, biopsies tested positive for mast cells. He was subsequently treated for MCAS with remarkable improvement.73

Most babies in the U.S. are being given 25 doses of nine different vaccines (or more) by their first birthday and can receive eight or more vaccines simultaneously.74 As mentioned previously, there are ingredients in vaccines that provoke inflammatory responses in the body that involve mast cell activation.75


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