Third meeting of TBD Working Group was mostly procedural

The third meeting of the federal Tick-Borne Disease Working Group was held February 12. This was a virtual meeting–an online webinar that the public could participate in.

Most of the session dealt with procedural items–how the various subcommittees would meet (by phone), how often (variable) and what their work product would be (reports to the whole committee).

There were a few people who made public comments. (Pre-registration was necessary, and eight people were selected.)

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I was thrilled to see Dr. Michael Farris (JD) at the meeting for a number of reasons.  He recently stepped down from, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of parents regarding their children.  Prior to that he was Founder and current chairman of Home School Legal Defense Association, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of parents in their choice of home schooling.  He is also the founding president and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College in Virginia, teaching Constitutional Law and coaching the PHC Moot Court Team which won the national ACMA championships in 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2010 and defeated Oxford before two of he highest judges in Britain and in a repeat match before the Supreme Court of Virginia.  He is the founding pastor for Blue Ridge Bible church.

Farris chaired the Governor’s Lyme Disease Task Force in VA and organized public hearings.

He and his wife have ten children, seven of which have Lyme.

For more on the Parental Rights Amendment: