Science For Sale  Published 02 August, 2017  GM Watch

It seems that about every other day uncovers some sort of fraud when it comes to public health and “accepted” science.  At the end of the article I give links to more fraud – directly related to research being done on Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses.  This article by GM Watch is the recent discovery that the author of a retracted study by Gilles-Eric Seralini, which shows the toxic effects of Roundup, entered into a contract with Monsanto shortly before the retraction.

The study clearly showed that very low doses of Roundup had toxic effects on rats including liver and kidney damage and initiated cancer tumors.

“Monsanto scientist David Saltmiras admitted to orchestrating a third party campaign in which scientists who were apparently independent of Monsanto would bombard the editor-in-chief of the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology with letters demanding he retract the study.”

“Now that Monsanto’s involvement in the retraction of the Séralini paper is out in the open, FCT and Hayes should do the decent thing and issue a formal apology to Prof Séralini and his team. FCT cannot and should not reinstate the paper, because it is now published by another journal. But it needs to draw a line under this shameful episode, admit that it handled it badly, and declare its support for scientific independence and objectivity.”

The third party campaign tactic was used in the tobacco industry and I believe it is also being used in research regarding tick borne illness.  The people doing the CDC/NIH studies and the people sticking up for them are all in a group I like to call The Cabal.  Most receive money for patents for everything from vaccines to test kits, keep pushing the same agenda (Borrelia isn’t persistent and 21 days of doxy will cure everyone), keep research from being published that does not agree with their agenda, and foster an environment of fear in the research community which essentially states, “Conform or you will be ridiculed.”

It appears the days of scientific integrity are gone.

More fraud:

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