Published on Apr 5, 2017
Based on CDC and FDA documents, this animation reveals the actual ingredients and manufacturing methods used to create modern vaccines.

For more information watch a FREE documentary series on Vaccines.  (If you scroll half way down, I highlight a 9 part documentary series by Dr. Gentempo). Did you know that the LYMERIX vaccine which was pulled off the market due to “poor sales” caused 640 emergency room visits, 34 life threatening reactions, 77 hospitalizations, 198 disabilities, and 6 deaths? In a vile cesspool of conflicts of interest are university patent holders, drug companies, and the FDA itself as another patent holder. It generated 40 million dollars before it was yanked. (2008, Drymon) One doctor stated that 21 patients developed severe arthritis after receiving the LYMERIX vaccine.

“Given that Dr. Marks lead the clinical trials for Lymerix’s competitor, the OspA vaccine produced and then abandoned by Aventis Pasteur, his conclusions mean a lot. “In my opinion,” he told FDA officials, “there is sufficient evidence that Lymerix is causally related to severe rheumatologic, neurologic, autoimmune, and other adverse events in some individuals. This evidence is such as to warrant a significantly heightened degree of warnings and possible limitations or removal from marketing of Lymerix.”

   Published on May 3, 2017 

Del Bigtree vs Bill Nye

Since the public is now wary of the Lyme vaccine, they’ve changed their approach to focus on wildlife and pets, despite the fact that hamsters developed arthritic joints when infected with Bb (borrelia) or the Osp A vaccine!

But wait, they are working on another Lyme vaccine:

So when you call your local pharmacy and have to listen to vaccine scare tactics for 10 minutes which tempt you to get that flu vaccine or any other vaccine being pushed on you, please read up on the facts first and be informed. It’s your body and you are already in a war with a pathogen invasion. Don’t let anyone bully you into injecting something into your body that has every potential of making your health worse.

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