There is now physical proof that Gulf War Illness is caused by damage to the brain.  

Gulf War Illness affects more than 250,000 vets and causes black-outs, cysts on scalp, inability to concentrate, chronic headaches, liver damage, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic fatigue, lesions on the brain, heart and lungs, skin rashes, thyroid cancer, paralysis of the stomach, respiratory problems, vertigo, autoimmune disorders, liver damage, chronic fatigue, allergies, pain, and more.


Until now most cannot get benefits or treatment, and to add insult to injury vets are accused of faking it or suffering from post traumatic stress.  James Baraniuk, senior author and professor of medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center, regarding doctors, states,

“If it doesn’t fall within their small world of known diseases, then the patient is nuts.”

Using fMRI (functional MRI) machines, researchers saw anomalies in the bundle of nerve fibers that interpret pain signals in the brain in 31 Gulf War veterans. The research appears to correlate with previous research on Gulf War Illness, including a major study showing problems in involuntary function, as well as a study showing as many as 100,000 troops may have been doused with Sarin gas when the U.S. Air Force bombed a munitions factory during the war.

The good news about a fMRI (functional MRI) is it allows doctors to diagnose Gulf War Illness quickly, and while most hospitals are equipped with MRI equipment they may need to install fMRI software and be trained to use it.

Researchers suspect environmental factors such as Sarin gas, ACHL-inhibitors found in nerve agents, anti-nerve-agent pillspesticides, and vaccines, particularly the Anthrax Vaccine which is a 6-shot regimen adjuvanted by aluminum hydroxide, and squalene.

The military calls Gulf War Syndrome an emotional ailment. Refusing the vaccine has ended in dishonorable discharge, fines, and prison. Malcom Hopper M.D. Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at a University in Britain, and the chief advisor to the Gulf War Veterans in the UK states that those who have received the vaccine have horrific pain in their sexual organs such as burning semen syndrome. The number of infants born without eye sockets has sky-rocketed following Executive Order 13139. Over 1,000,000 military personnel have adverse side effects to the Anthrax Vaccine (RAC-GWVI Government report 2008). Today 35,000 new soldiers receive the Anthrax Vaccine each month (RAC-GWVI Government Report 2014).

Baraniuk states the research is important because it shows that Gulf War Illness is NOT psychological.  He also states:

“If 30% of Congress got sick, or 30% of Manhattan got sick, there would have been an outcry.” Also, “The guys who were robust and leading the charge on this 10 years ago are now using canes.”

Many military members also suffer from Lyme/MSIDS, including Mycoplasma.  Owen DC. Med Hypothesis.  2005.


Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome and chronic Lyme disease are very similar. Lyme disease is a condition which can be difficult to diagnose since one of the main features of the condition, the erythema migrans rash, may be absent or overlooked and serological testing for Lyme disease may be falsely negative. Symptoms of Lyme disease may not became apparent until years after exposure to the causative organism. Military personnel during training in the field are at risk of tick bites and it may be that those who developed Gulf War Syndrome entered the conflict with latent Lyme disease. There has been no systematic examination of Gulf War Syndrome sufferers for chronic Lyme disease and it is hypothesized that chronic Lyme disease has been overlooked as a cause of Gulf War Syndrome. To address this it is suggested that sufferers of Gulf War Syndrome or similar illnesses should be examined by physicians who have experience diagnosing and treating large numbers of patients with Lyme disease.