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Part Two interview with Brian Hooker, PhD, PE Bioengineer, Associate Professor of Biology

2:00 Hooker emailed William Thompson a scientists at the CDC, furious that Thompson and other scientists were discussing Hooker’s autistic son’s vaccine injury case. Thompson became apologetic in tone and was concerned about Hooker’s son. After about two phone calls Thompson explained how to get the data to analyze it independently of the CDC. Hooker learned how to submit a release for public data set. By law, the CDC they have to come up with a public data set so scientists on the outside can access it.

5:15 Thompson told Hooker the CDC was LYING about vaccine data committing fraud.

6:15 Hooker started with the MMR data which was fraudulent data.

7:30 Thompson was the lead author of the fraudulent study. The five authors on the study colluded together and covered up the fact that when a child gets the MMR vaccine on time, the child is more susceptible to get an autism diagnosis than when waiting until after age 3.

9:20 Hooker recorded these messages with Thompson and has proof.

10:30 The CDC knew about the relationship between the MMR vaccine and Autism since 2001. They sat on it for a year and a half and would redo and redo the study but they couldn’t make the information go away. They did a study on African American children but reduced the sampling size by half and only took birth certificates from Georgia. There was no scientific reason to do this. When they eliminated those children the relationship went away.

16:17 The CDC took federal records and destroyed them. This is illegal. Thompson kept a record (hard copies and electronic) which he shared with Hooker.

17:05 A Congressman in Florida has a copy as well in a safe. Thompson got one of the best whistle blower attorneys to protect him as he revealed all of this information.

19:45 Hooker struggles knowing that lives could be saved every day if this information was made public. He states we need complete reform of the CDC and that an independent agency needs to be in charge of vaccine safety. He believes the vaccine schedule is a grand experiment.

21:45 California is a two party consent state which means it’s illegal to record someone without their consent. Hooker had to make the calls to Thompson from Virginia, Illinois, and Oregon. Hooker wanted proof that all of this happened so he did the footwork to prove it. He also hired two attorneys.

23:45 Hooker did the analysis on the MMR and found that African American boys who got the MMR vaccine on time had a 3 times greater risk for Autism than African American boys who waited until age 3. The CDC buried the information. It is in their data.

24:26 Hooker published this information in the journal Translational Neurodegeneration in July 2014 but in August 4 days after the Whistleblower story came out the journal took it down. The journal put a statement up stating the article would have a negative impact on public health. Twenty-four hours later the journal stated Hooker had a conflict of interest which according to Hooker is rubbish. They never stated his statistics would faulty. Hooker argued with the journal and they sent him back a paragraph from an editor stating his science was unacceptable, which Hooker rebutted they never responded back and they completely retracted the paper.

28:00 Hooker was contacted by several scientist explaining they understood what he’d been through and that he needed to republish the data as they felt it needed to be in the public domain. It will be republished in an expanded form laying out the logic and why Hooker’s results are correct and never should have been retracted, coming out in fall of 2017 in a book published by Elsevier Scientific.

29:00 The Film Vaccine Syndrome by Scott and Melissa Miller. It starts out with the story of a young military man (Schwarts) who refused a direct order to take the Anthrax Vaccine. This was three months before President Clinton signed the Executive Order 13139, which mandates that soldiers get the Anthrax vaccine. Schwarts’ punishment was 30 days in the brig and a bad conduct discharge. He is a convicted felon for not getting the Anthrax vaccine. Over 35 thousand soldiers have died due to adverse effects from the anthrax vaccine (RAC-GWVI Government Report 2008).

37:57 To date 6,753 soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan (RAC-GWVI Government Report 2014).

38:44 In the only public study ever done, 30% of all vaccinated members of the military suffer some chronic illness they claim is due to the Anthrax Vaccine. These symptoms have become known as Gulf War Syndrome.

39:00 Personal stories of those affected. (Harrowing)

44:36 Soldiers were to have a total of 6 shots of the Anthrax Vaccine with an annual booster shot, but within weeks soldiers were reporting adverse reactions and were refusing additional doses. The vaccine was NOT FDA approved nor was the protocol for giving it. The FDA cited the lab producing it with 100 violations including substandard record keeping. Soldiers who refused were subjected to disciplinary actions. It was concocted with up to 100 times the antigen levels of the original vaccine. It had been combined with irritants such as squalene and other pathogens because the original vaccine did not yield a satisfactory immune response to Anthrax. 45:28 USAMRIID Dr. Bruce Ivins was awarded the DoD’s highest civilian honor in 2003 for his work with anthrax despite knowing that since 1998 that the vaccine had seriously damaged 1500 Israeli defense force soldiers. Ninety six Israeli soldiers were awarded 6 million for damage caused by the anthrax vaccine in 2014.

46:00 Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome: Black-outs, cysts on scalp, inability to concentrate, chronic headaches, liver damage, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic fatigue, lesions on the brain, heart and lungs, skin rashes, thyroid cancer, paralysis of the stomach, respiratory problems, vertigo, autoimmune disorders, liver damage, chronic fatigue, allergies, and more.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was enacted by Congress so manufacturer’s would be not be held responsible for vaccine injury. If you are injured by a vaccine you must sue the U.S. government. This program is NOT available to military personnel.

47:00 In 1999 A military nurse with 17 years in the service testified to a congressional committee on vaccines. He said after that his career took a nose dive. He was pulled from clinical duty to administer the flu vaccine. He discovered that the Anthrax vaccine and the flu vaccine were going to be given at the same time – which would make it impossible to determine adverse reactions. The military calls Gulf War Syndrome an emotional ailment. Refusing the vaccine has ended in dishonorable discharge, fines, and prison. Mandatory Anthrax vaccination is continuing.

49:28 One out of three returning veterans, including those that had NOT seen combat, require treatment for depression and post traumatic stress syndrome

52:18 In existence since 1933 the Japanese Unit 731 conducted secret experiments on Manchurian prisoners. Dr. Shiro Ishii, head of Unit 731 handed out candy to starving Chinese children that was laced with Anthrax, a highly lethal disease that attacks the respiratory and digestive systems. In exchange for immunity from prosecution for war crimes, the directors of 731 were interrogated by US soldiers and revealed that hundreds of thousands had died and 11 Chinese cities were attacked using biological agents including Anthrax cultures sprayed from aircraft. Seventeen hundred of their own Japanese soldiers died in one attack alone demonstrating how dangerous biological warfare is to everyone, even those using it.

53:10 Shiro was enlisted by Henry L. Stimson to conduct biohazard experiments at US Army Base Fort Detrick in Maryland. This program expanded to over 100 locations in America. The US government in the 1950’s recruited people to go into cubicles in a test sphere and have biowarfare agents sprayed on them. Please see documentary “Under the Eight Ball”, and (You can see parts one and two at this link)

56:14 Presidents after Clinton failed to scrutinize executive orders such as 13139 requiring soldiers to take the Anthrax vaccine. Bush did not repeal it. Obama did not repeal it. Obama was reelected but military support for him dropped by 70% in the 2012 election.

57:48 President Jimmy Carter gave weaponized Anthrax to Saddam Hussein to spook Ayatollah Khomeini during the Iran Hostage crisis – it didn’t work.

57:58 Despite congressional findings, veteran associations, and independent research warnings spanning 20 years the Obama expanded the Anthrax Vaccine program. Over 1 million US soldiers suffer from Gulf War Illness due to the Anthrax Vaccine (RAC-GWVI Government Report 2011). The first Gulf War was the most toxic war in history. GWS is caused by 6 main toxicities – oil and gas fumes from the oil field fires, Sarin gas released when allied troops blew up Iraqi munition sites, fine radioactive particle dust from spent uranium weapons, pesticides and repellents used against insects and flies, experimental drugs intended to protect against nerve agents, and the Anthrax Vaccine. Soldiers receiving the Anthrax vaccine who were NOT deployed also got Gulf War Syndrome.

59:50 Military women after receiving the Anthrax Vaccine are told NOT to become pregnant during the 18 month period when receiving the 6 shots. This is due to reported pregnancy problems and birth defects.  Excellent article by Lyme sufferer, PJ Langhoff, “Dying to Serve – A spotlight on the Military’s Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Program.”

1:00:52 Malcom Hopper M.D. Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at a University in Britain, and the chief advisor to the Gulf War Veterans in the UK states that those who have received the vaccine have horrific pain in their sexual organs such as burning semen syndrome. The number of infants born without eye sockets has sky-rocketed following Executive Order 13139. Over 1,000,000 military personnel have adverse side effects to the Anthrax Vaccine (RAC-GWVI Government report 2008)

1:06:20 One female military person injured by the Anthrax Vaccine only receives 50% of her disability benefits. She cannot work. Another male soldier died of a heart attack 1 week after receiving his 3rd Anthrax shot. An autopsy revealed the heart attack was due to massive lesions on his main arteries. Another male soldier received the Anthrax Vaccine before deploying to Iraq in 2007, 18 months later he was a human skeleton.

1:10:27 Twenty-two military vets commit suicide every day. The families of service members who commit suicide while deployed are not entitled to funeral expenses or benefits.

1:13:58 According to the theory of Herd Immunity, 95% of the population must be vaccinated to prevent a disease; however, vaccines lower the immune system. Everyone’s immune system responds differently. Vaccines can seriously injure the immune systems of some people and can even result in death.

1:15:10 Major Russ Dingle, former flight commander instructor pilot of the A-10 Warthog, was forced out of the guard over his refusal to take the Anthrax Vaccine. He feels the mandatory vaccine order is illegal and immoral.

1:22:00 The Air force brought in the big guns after a Commander at Dover Air force Base (Colonel Grieder) took a time-out from the Anthrax vaccine due to personnel telling him of their injuries and side-effects. The big guns convinced him and the men that it was completely safe so Grieder reinstated the Anthrax Vaccine. The next day the commander was moved to the Pentagon and relieved of his command, and 37 out of 42 air force pilots stationed at Dover left the military. Grieder found out that the first 5 lots of Anthrax vaccines DID contain Squaline at double the dosages and they had more adverse effects at Dover Air force base.

1:24:27 The Army did all the research, the Army owns the Anthrax Vaccine patent, and it also paid for the licensing studies. The Army has been the essentially the sole customer since it was licensed in 1970.

1:26:45 Connect the dots and follow the story of Faud El-Hibri (started at CitiBank to start a merger and acquisitions divison). In the 1990’s he gained control of Porton Downs, an Anthrax vaccine manufacturing facility in England. Emergent Bio Solutions, formerly BioPort Corporation, maintains the only government contract for the Anthrax vaccine. The FDA ordered BioPort to cease making the vaccine due to 35 major citations but it was still manufactured and sold during this time. The one and only manufacturer of the Anthrax Vaccine has NEVER passed an FDA inspection. While it was approved for manufacturing in 1970, for 23 years the FDA never came back around.

1:27:00 According to Major Sonnie Bates, government documents show that PRI in Maryland was hired by the government to produce the Anthrax vaccine despite the fact it isn’t licensed and they do not publish what is in the vaccine. They were paid 14 million dollars to produce it and ship it to Michigan to be bottled and labeled and distributed as if BioPort made it. This product has NO effect on weaponized inhalation Anthrax. When Bates told this to the Pentagon they didn’t believe him.

1:27:40 El-Hibri goes on to make other under the table deals selling BioPort. All improvements to the facility were paid for by American taxpayers. El Hibri used confidential knowledge of future defense contracts to borrow the necessary funding. All sorts of nasty deals were made. El-Hibri now has a monopoly in the free world’s supply of the Anthrax vaccine. The Obama administration increased the Anthrax vaccine allowance by adding hundreds of millions of dollars in 2012.

1:32:24 Colonel Ken Alibek invented an anthrax strain that is immune to any vaccine. For 20 years, Dr. Alibek supervised 65,000 employees who were developing “Weaponized” Anthrax.

1:33:36 According to Colonel Felix Grieder there have only been 18 fatalities from inhalation Anthrax from 1900 to 2001.

1:33:38 Finally the director of the film, Vaccine Syndrome, enlisted the help of politicians to get the Anthrax Vaccine program on Karl Rove’s Problem Agenda in 2001. A Defense Department Review recommended considering canceling the Anthrax Vaccine Program to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The very next month 911 hit. Jerry Hauer, Former head of NYC Mayor’s Office of Emergency Mgmt, told him it was NOT the work of a foreign government. He knew on the day of the attack it was the work of Ossama bin Laden, and that there were no explosives in the building – that ALL the damage to the building was due to the planes.

1:35:12 Jerome Hauer was also managing director of an international risk management firm serving clients in the US government, and the military and also the National Security Advisor with the National Institute of Health. Seven days after 911, five anthrax dusted letters arrived by post killing 5 people in NY and Florida. Jerome Hauer knew that there would be an Anthrax attack. He advised certain members of the White House Cabinet to take Cipro one week before the first Anthrax laced letter arrived at the Post Office.

1:36:34 Emergent Bio Solution’s disgraced Anthrax Vaccine program was given a new lease on life. Production went into high gear using experimental adjuvants to stretch the supply.

1:37:54 The FBI admitted that the Anthrax letters were an inside job. Besides restarting the vaccine program with a vengeance, the Anthrax scare saved Bayer pharmaceutical from bankruptcy due to the new need for the drug Cipro. Now there seemed to be a new need for security systems and surveillance as well as the reasoning for the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. This all led to the Patriot Act.

1:39:00 2008 BioThrax Anthrax Vaccine by intramuscular injection was approved by the FDA but they still require Emergent Bio Solutions to state, “BioThrax is unproven for the prevention of inhalation anthrax disease.” From 2008-2015 the mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Program is reinstated as an emergency measure. 1:39:44 Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Dr. Winkenwerder admits there’s no evidence of increased threat of Anthrax to our troops. Former Secretary of Health and Services Louis W. Sullivan and Assistant Secretary of Public Health Emergency Preparedness of HHS, Jerome Hauer, now serve on the Board of Directors for Emergent Biosolutions (formerly BioPort) as well as Dr. Sue Bailey, who El Hibri credits as being an expert in media relations.

1:42:00 Major Sonnie Bates, the first commissioned officer who refused the Anthrax Vaccine, got a notice to leave the Air Force after he spoke with Brigadier General Randell F. Starbuck about the Anthrax Vaccine Program. Despite 14 years of service he was stripped of his rank and benefits and was also fined $6,000.

1:42:14 Soldiers get a series of 5 shots and an annual booster because the Anthrax vaccine does NOT result in immunity. It can cause unsafe antibodies that their immune system must kill off. Expired doses are so carcinogenic that they must be disposed of in furnaces that can melt steel.

1:42:43 A complicated explanation of how the vaccine works. Way over my head, let’s suffice it to say ingredients in the vaccine take up receptor sites in the human body which eventually out maneuver B-cells and cause a Trojan Horse phenomenon protecting Anthrax, not the human body. Once the cell wall collapses the Anthrax can feed and multiply. Evidently Furin, a protein, is involved and the vaccine messes with it and causes a whole slew of horrific symptoms develop.

1:46:26 In 2012 Obama allocated 1.2 billion for trials of the Anthrax vaccine on 2 year old children and the elderly.

1:52:04 Today 35,000 new soldiers receive the Anthrax Vaccine each month (RAC-GWVI Government Report 2014)

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