Dr. Mercola recently put out an article about Rhumatoid Arthritis which got me connecting dots.


In this article he reports how Dr. Brown believed that RA was caused by mycoplasmas and used tetracycline rather than prednisone, the drug of choice for RA back in the 40’s and 50’s. He eventually modified his treatment which included Minocycline and brought over 10,000 patients into remission. Mercola used his protocol and also had impressive results but eventually abandoned antibiotics in favor of a more natural treatment.

This led me to ponder Dr. Garth Nicolson’s work with Mycoplasma.

He discovered that high numbers of inmates and guards of a Texas prison came down with strange neurodegenerative conditions. After testing them, he discovered they were positive for Mycoplasma fermentans, and a weaponized version at that, that caused more severe symptoms, was more virulent and persistent. He believed biological experiments had been conducted on these inmates. In time, the guards became ill, then their families, and then the greater Huntsville, Texas area.

What Nicolson discovered next would make for a great thriller. When the prisoners with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) died, they should have been sent to the University of Texas at Galveston for an autopsy, but that’s not what happened. He discovered that private autopsies were being performed on these inmates at a US Army base, and were then were sent to a private crematory at a secret location in Central Texas where all prisoner records were destroyed against state law.

For full details, read the pdf above; however, it’s important to note that genes part of the HIV-1 envelope were found in these Mycoplasmas, which in a nutshell means that a person may not get HIV but they may get some of the symptoms. It is also important to note that while military personnel were likely exposed to the Mycoplasmas from weapons in the Gulf War, they were also exposed through vaccinations. For more information, please refer to the article I wrote on vaccines and understand that there are many who are now stating that contamination with various pathogens through vaccines is almost certain:



This is an excerpt from the Snowshoe Documentary film: Mycoplasma – Dr. Garth Nicolson-microbiologist,  https://youtu.be/7W4tu5qgaWA  (Approx 11 min)  This film is available in it’s entirety at the You Tube link below:

Biological Warfare – Experiments on the American People
https:  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QJo3…

More information on this subject in further in-depth detail is available and at:


See also:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT25HhAVhhU&app=desktop  This is much longer – approx. 1 hour, but much more in depth.

“Cancer, AIDS, Weaponized Mycoplasmas & Gulf War Illness. Prof. Garth Nicolson’s hypothesis is straightforward: “The emergence of new illnesses and an increase in the incidence rate of previously described signs & symptoms are due to our toxic environment & the purposeful development & testing of Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Dr. Nicolson heads the Institute for Molecular Medicine. He spoke at the 9th Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on Aug. 29-31, 2008.”

The following is a very sad and troubling account about the connection between Myco and Gulf War Syndrome:  http://www.omsj.org/authors/gulf-war-syndrome-killing-our-own  “In 1997, After extensive study of Gulf veterans’ ailments, Dr. Garth Nicolson, a specialist in cell biology and biochemistry and a professor of internal medicine and pathology at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, estimated that 100,000 Americans had become sick from Gulf War syndrome. This number included both soldiers and members of their immediate families. He pointed out that although Gulf War syndrome is not a universal disease, there are entire units which have become sick. This suggests that the illness is associated with exact locations within the region, suggesting a vaccine and/or chemical weapon components to the illness.

Nicolson stressed that in addition to affecting Americans, Gulf War syndrome had taken its toll on others who participated in the coalition forces. As of 1997, 27 of the 28 coalition nations had claimed that they have numerous sick veterans, as well as sick members of veterans’ families. This is especially true in England, where at that time, between 1200 and over 3500 Gulf War vets were afflicted with the syndrome, referred to as desert fever in that country. Many Gulf vet families in Britain sued their government after having had deformed children, and it was reported that at least one ex-soldier has requested a vasectomy because he was terrified of having any more children with problems.  France did not report Gulf War illnesses as of 1997, possibly because they did not immunize their troops with experimental vaccines, or because they treated them with the antibiotic doxycycline prior to active service.”  

This same site states:  “An article in 2003 in a French laboratory points out the cause of a specific illness called macrophagic myofascitis noted by ‘diffuse myalgias and chronic fatigue syndrome’. It is noted that an aluminum adjuvant in vaccines is known to cause this condition. One third of these patients develop autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis.Multiple vaccinations performed over a short period of time in the Persian Gulf area have been recognized as the main risk factor for Gulf War syndrome. Moreover, the war vaccine against anthrax, which is administered in a 6-shot regimen and seems to be crucially involved, is adjuvanted by aluminum hydroxide and, possibly, squalene, another Th-2 adjuvant.’”

Written by the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice and substantiating this further:  http://www.whale.to/vaccine/cantwell2.html “One factor common to all the troops is that they were given experimental and potentially dangerous drugs and vaccines employed to protect them against Iraqi chemical and biowarfare agents. As early as December 1990, there were warnings about using our servicemen as medical guinea pigs. In an unprecedented legal decision, the FDA allowed the Pentagon to give unapproved drugs and vaccines without requiring consent of the soldiers. Claiming security reasons, the Pentagon also refused to identify the types or the number of drugs and injections they forced the troops to take.

An angry serviceman stationed in Saudi Arabia maintained his civil rights were violated, and sued the government in January 1991. Ever since the post World War II Nuremberg trials, which convicted many top-ranking Nazis for crimes against human nature, it has been unethical and unlawful to use people as guinea pigs in experiments without their informed consent. This legal requirement was waived when the lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Stanley S. Harris, who cited the necessity of the military to protect the health of its troops.
Soldiers who rejected the injections were given them forcibly. Physicians who refused to cooperate with the military’s experimental vaccine program were treated harshly. Army reservist Dr. Yolanda Huet-Vaughn protested it was her duty under the Nuremberg Code of Justice not to vaccinate personnel with experimental vaccines without their consent. At Huet-Vaughn’s court-martial trial, a military judge ignored these considerations of international law and medical ethics, and sentenced the mother of three children to 30 months in prison. Under pressure from activist groups, the doctor was released from military prison after serving eight months.

Nicholson obviously had tremendous pressure put on him and his lab was threatened with being shut down frequently. All of this is explained in the book Project Day Lily.

The pdf goes through all the symptoms of Mycoplasma, but they are remarkably similar to Lyme. The troubling issue is they lack a cell wall which makes many types of antibiotics ineffective. There are over 100 known species of which approximately 6 are known to be troublesome to humans. They prefer a low oxygen environment and live inside cells which evade the immune system. They are obtained by fluid exchange and are easily spread via air.

90% of evaluated ALS patients had Mycoplasma. 100% of ALS patients with Gulf War Syndrome had Mycoplasma and nearly all of those were specifically the weaponized M. fermentans incognitus.

*One of the hallmark symptoms of Mycoplasma is fatigue*

And the bad news for us is that Nicholson’s experience has found Mycoplasma to be the number one Lyme coinfection, and similar to other coinfections can be supposedly cleared for years only to reappear when conditions are right.

It is amazing what can be discovered when we are willing to connect dots. I wonder what Dr. Brown would think of the discoveries made in the world of Mycoplasma? In reading about all the various co-infections, it is interesting to note that most are not new and have been written about in the past; however, they all seem to be tougher, harder to treat, take on more complicated forms, are more easily spread, and in a nutshell, are pathogens on steroids.

We need to keep connecting dots.

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