Gardasil, Vasculitis, & MSIDS  Researchers from University of British Columbia uncovered in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs evidence of cerebral vasculitis in the brain tissue of two young women who suddenly died after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The researchers developed a specific IHC (immunohistochemical) to examine their brain tissue which found autoimmune cerebral vasculitis triggered by the HPV16L1 component of the vaccine, with particles all over the brain and adhesion to the vessel walls.

In 2012 the CDC panel gave concerns and a rebuttal, to which Chandler Marrs, PhD thoroughly rebuts and concludes that while additional research is clearly needed, the adverse reactions supports cerebral and other vasculitides.

Vasculitis can happen anywhere in the body and is an attack in the blood vessel walls caused by an autoimmune and inflammatory response that destroys blood vessels. Symptoms include skin rashes, fatigue, weakness, fever, joint pain, kidney problems with dark or bloody urine, Graves or Hashimoto’s, delay of gastric emptying of the stomach causing bloating, pain, burning, nausea, episodic vomiting, and early satiety. When it’s in the nervous system symptoms can include numbness, weakness, pain, severe headaches, stroke, confusion, delirium, speech and eye problems, seizures, encephalopthy, and trouble with emotions and senses.

Please notice symptoms are quite similar to Lyme/MSIDS.

Vasculitis, which can occur anywhere in the body, has also been found in the skin after receiving the HPV vaccine:

Marrs has been sent pictures from patients of strange skin disorders that appear to be chronic and treatment resistant with incomplete and contradictory diagnosis after receiving the HPV vaccine. She feels they relate to undiagnosed vasculitis and lists avenues to consider with your doctor: (Please see link above for helpful pictures of the various types of rashes)

The vasculitis that directly relates to MSIDS patients is:

Chronic Urticaria, Urticarial Vasculitis: a common reaction to Gardasil, in which a severely itchy, red, blistery rash lasts longer than 6 months and is due to inflammation or attacks on blood vessel walls – possibly linked to Lupus and Sjogren’s, and in my opinion – Bartonella.   Patients also may get joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, fever, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, with a red dot rash red (petechiae) and bleeding/bruising under the skin (Purpura).                            Bart rash pictures.

Please notice similar symptoms to MSIDS – particularly Bartonella.  Here’s another woman’s story of symptoms after receiving Gardasil. She had fatigue, sore throats, pelvic and leg pain, fever, nausea, shoulder pain, low blood pressure, and the blotchy rash (petechial) so common after the vaccine. Blood tests revealed her red and white blood cells were wiped out leaving her a sitting duck for any infection that came her way. Missing weeks of school at times she was put on Zoloft for depression.

Even five years after the vaccine, the woman suffers with severe pain in her lower back, pelvis, hips, backs of legs and knee. Her legs sometimes turn dark purple.

Now to Bartonella, which is more prevalent than Lyme:   Bartonella also causes vascular disease, and has an affinity for endothelial cells, red blood cells, microglial cells, macrophages, and CD34 progenitor cells hindering nutrient, oxygen, and antibiotic delivery due to vascular trauma causing pain, fatigue, cognitive/mood issues, and vascular tumors.

Bartonella has been found in 50-95% in selected rodent, cat, deer, and cattle populations. It causes lameness, endocarditis, grandulomatous lymphadenitis (chronic inflammation and buildup of immune cells), and peliosis hepatis (blood filled cavities in the liver) in dogs.

Drs. Breitschwerdt and Mozayeni report over 60% of Lyme patients were also seroreactive to Bartonella antigens.

So what’s all this have to do with Gardasil? Gardasil has produced life-threatening reactions to those close to a cat, fleas, or ticks, and has activated dormant Bartonella confirmed by testing in previously asymptomatic girls.

So, the question begs to be asked, which came first in some of these poor patients; Bartonella or the HPV vaccine?

If you currently suffer from MSIDS, please be informed about the HPV vaccine. Also, tell others of the probable relationship between Bartonella and the vaccine.

Chandler recommends covering the rash with olive oil and taking a picture with your cell phone to help your doctor see the rash when it appears.

For more on the Gardasil vaccine:

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