Mary J. Burgess, MD Eric R. Rosenbaum, MD, MPH Bobbi S. Pritt, MD, MSc Dirk T. Haselow, MD, PhD Katie M. Ferren, MD Bashar N. Alzghoul, MD Juan Carlos Rico, MD Lynne M. Sloan, BS Poornima Ramanan, MD Raghunandan Purushothaman, MD Robert W. Bradsher, MD    Published March 13, 2017

A patient with asplenia and multiple red blood cell transfusions acquired babesiosis infection with Babesia divergens-like/MO-1 and not Babesia microti, the common United States species. He had no known tick exposure. This is believed to be the first transfusion-transmitted case and the fifth documented case of Babesia divergens-like/MO-1.