Vaccines Revealed #7

Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. Integrative Medicine

1:40 Vaccines are not safe. The flu shot can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome (immune system damages nerve cells causing muscle weakness and paralysis), Brachial Plexitis on the side the vaccine was given (damage to nerves from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand). Three separate times the Cochrane Database has shown through large scale meta analysis that the flu shot is NOT effective – in ALL age groups.

4:50 The CDC found over an 11 year period of time from testing nasal swabs of folks with symptoms they thought were caused by the flu, only 16% had the actual flu. Many other viruses cause flu-like symptoms and the vaccine won’t do a thing.

6:50 The flu shot has 3 viruses in it, every year 1 or 2 of them change. People have died from the flu shot. Why would anyone want to inject viruses into their body that work so inefficiently and can cause such harm?

8:20 They also contain mercury & formaldehyde. Regarding health care workers required to get the flu vaccine, Tenpenny states recent studies show that doesn’t even work well. Vaccinated workers can now be carriers and spread the flu and other viruses to the vulnerable in health care settings. One study showed that for 4 weeks after getting the flu shot you are 4 times more likely to contract other respiratory illnesses.

10:10 Tenpenny states that an article in the Wall Street Journal stated that by 2014 Medicare reimbursements would be reduced if hospitals had lower than 95% of the workers vaccinated. It’s all about the hospital getting money. One gentleman called Tenpenny and told her as an IT person who worked in a separate building down the street from the hospital and who never had contact with patients, he was required to get the flu shot.

14:00 In 1986 the National Compensation Act was set into law and was set up to be non confrontational. Since then more than 2 billion dollars have been paid out, and that’s only for less than 25% of injured receiving compensation. Many of these cases take 10-15 years to wind through the court system. The court has now become very confrontational as young upstart attorneys in the Department of Justice (US Federal Court of Claims) are proving their salt in this area of law by bringing in their witnesses to prove parents or adults are just trying to get money from the government.

15:00 Tenpenny has been involved in these cases and it’s a Kangaroo Court set up against patients. Studies have surveyed physicians asking them if they would recognize a vaccine injury and less than 10% said, “yes.” Most doctors don’t even know about the VAERS reporting system.  (Doctors are to report adverse events)

18:50 Tenpenny recollects numerous times where parents would bring her their children who were seizing in their arms after they received a vaccine 20 minutes ago. She says doctors are not taught to think of the vaccine as the culprit – they are taught that it’s a problem with the child.

20:00 She feels that one reason doctors will not admit to any of this is they would have to do their own forgiveness work – that going through their charts seeing eczema, allergies, diabetes, asthma, ADD/ADHAD, seizure disorders, SIDS, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis….they would state, “Maybe I played a role in that.”

25:40 She states everyone blames the pharmaceutical companies, but she claims that they are just a widget and doctors are the ones pushing vaccines. She feels they goose step to the wrong drummer and that they are lazy and won’t even read a package insert. She says doctors are glorified drug reps.

29:45 Tenpenny states she remembers a case of a young boy 10 or 12 who died of a heart attack while skateboarding. He had been taking Ritalin his whole life. She was angry at the drug companies but finally read the package insert which clearly stated it shouldn’t be used in people under age 5 and only for 60 days. They are legal amphetamines. There have been numerous similar cases.

32:20 She feels we are about 1 generation away from corrupting human DNA to the point of no return.

34:46 Since 1963, when the measles vaccine first came out, the death rate for measles was 3 in 10 million. It hasn’t changed since the vaccination program.

36:00 She talks about the two arms of the immune system: Th1 and Th2. Th1 is the innate immune system that recognizes you. It is our first line of defense. The Th2 is where you develop the antibody. It’s an intricate dance between the two systems. Vaccines bypass the first line of the body’s defense (skin, mucus membranes, nose, etc) and goes right into the body. The antibody the body creates due to a vaccine is a marker of contamination showing your body tried to get rid of a foreign invader. It does not represent immunity or that you aren’t going to get sick. One CDC study showed that many people who contracted Tetanus had 4 or more Tetanus shots.

39:50 Small Pox went away by hygiene and public health. The last documented case in the US was in 1940. She poured over ancient medical journals with three other people helping and they could not find the reason for cause of death due to Small Pox. She asked the CDC if there would be a 30% death rate today from Small Pox with all the antibiotics, antivirals, and other medical discoveries. No one could answer her – even specialists.

43:12 Viruses get weaker with time and just go away. People in the past died from dehydration and other secondary infections that we have medicine for today.

46:34 Polio went away in most of all of Europe and Canada with no vaccine program. The WHO has stated that as long as we continue to use the oral Polio vaccine globally we will never eradicate Polio. Why are we so worried about eradicating a virus? Many things can cause paralysis. When the Polio vaccine began cases actually rose. Then they changed the case definition which falsely made the vaccine look good. Ninety eight percent of the population exposed to the Polio virus have no symptoms.

1:03:47 Dr. Patrick Gentemp CEO, Action Potential Holdings, Inc. states Vaccination is about individual human rights. It’s a moral issue. This is a critical life and death decision. What does it mean when Science becomes Fascism? When individual human rights are violated under the banner of Science that’s Fascism.

1:23:00 Gayle Delong, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Baruch College, and mother of two autistic children dug into the vaccine issue. She found that the highest rates of vaccinations also had the highest rates of Autism and speech delays 6 years later. Every time their children were vaccinated they got worse. The book Evidence of Harm helped them connect the vaccine/autism connection.

1:27:00 Delong dug for truth. She states there are conflicts of interests within the vaccine research area. Also, studies the CDC use to supposedly debunk the connection never use unvaccinated children – they are defined as unvaccinated when they get their vaccination late. There has NEVER been a study on unvaccinated and vaccinated people.

1:29:00 She has won an award for a paper about the collusion within the governmental departments and pharmaceutical companies relating to vaccines.

1:34:50 Her children have responded to IV chelation (gets rid of heavy metals), supplements, NAC (helped with OCD), and Fish Oils.

**Update and Correction**

Since this video series was created, the first peer-reviewed study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children has occurred: