Dr. Patrick Gentempo interviews Dr. Andrew Wakevield about Vaccines and Autism  (Link above only active for the next 9 hours)

Wakefield states he was taught old school in which the patient comes first, and the first things out of their mouths are the most important to hear.

At 5:43 in this episode, Dr. Wakefield tells the story of his son’s encounter with an orthopedic surgeon – and how the zeal to make money in medicine overrides the narrative and need of the patient.

6:20 The Patient History reveals what tests to take

8:90 My child was fine then got the MMR (Child lost ability to talk but showed behavior he was in pain such as hitting himself, banging his head, etc). Connection between what he was eating and his behavior (gut/brain).

10:50 There was great support in the beginning looking at this gut/brain issue and considering the vaccine.

11:20 People believe in a religious way in vaccines and folks are making a fortune off of them and folks have invested into careers around them.

12:50 What is the science behind vaccines? Wakefield went back and reviewed all the details and science (safety studies) and was appalled. Wrote a 250 page report.

13:25 MMR came out in 1989. Patients were reporting all along that the MMR was causing Autism. 14:40 – Authorities did nothing about the reports. 15:20 Get informed and read the inserts. Go to the CDC website and the NVIC and learn.

16:07 Without maternal instinct we would not be here. Medicine has tried to usurp that instinct with public health being around for about 150 years.

17:25 Autism is an epidemic. 1 in 25 children have it. If it doesn’t affect you now it will. Wakefield states it can be stopped 18:20 feels there is a common set of denominators and we can identify, eliminate, and prevent the epidemic.

18:43 The most important variable is childhood vaccines. Wakefield is not sure which ones. MMR, mercury, aluminum, viruses and viral components are all culprits.

19:50 Don’t even have baseline safety studies on vaccines.

20:24 Study coming out of India saying, “Please Stop,” in regard to the Polio vaccine due to damage it has caused.

Wakefield feels that clean water, sanitation, and other means are far more beneficial to countries like Africa and will help the immune system in a better way.

22:20 Philanthropy and the pharmaceutical agendas are in conflict. (Helping vs business)

35:15 When scoped, the children had inflamed bowels.  When they treated this, the children got better.  They began smiling and speaking.  Treat the bowel and the brain gets better.

38:30  Wakefield was presented with a choice.  Go down the vaccine road and suffer the consequences of the loss of career, position, license, fellowships, have papers retracted, and lose your country.  Wakefield chose to listen to patients and has lost it all.

40:00 He reveals how it all went down.

47:00 Suing in Texas court – the outcome will be important.

44:00 Mumps vaccine doesn’t work.  Outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations.  The vaccine has taken a mild disease in children and turned it into a severe issue (testicular inflammation and possible sterility) for adults.

45:10: Whistleblowers at Merck revealed that the efficacy of the mumps vaccine was faked because they altered the assay measuring the potency of the vaccine by using rabbit blood to give an artificial result. The whistleblowers told the FDA. The FDA told Merck they were coming to investigate giving them time to destroy all results.

50:02 Now it’s up to the public to say, “Enough is enough. We trusted you and you failed us.” The public needs to vote for politicians who listen to their voice to change this.

51:40 A Recent study from the University of Michigan showed 87% of parents put vaccine safety science as their #1 medical research priority. They want more information. Over 50% of Americans believe vaccines can cause serious injury including Autism.

Next, you’ll hear from Gary Goldman. Gary was a CDC Researcher, and the things he has to say about his experience there will help you understand what is going on in the darker corners of the industry.

Why does a decrease in Chicken Pox directly link to an increase in the painful disease Shingles? See exactly how this occurs at 1:01:27 in this episode. You’ll also hear how he resigned because he did not want to be part of research fraud.

Lastly, this episode introduces you to Dr. Toni Bark. Hear her comments about the wildly controversial vaccine, Gardasil at 1:28:28.

Bark at 1:36:23 states the placebos in vaccines are dangerous adjutants and/or experimental vaccines.  They are supposed to be inert substances.  The FDA is complicit in this because they help vaccine companies by designing the studies.  

1:39:15  Media won’t cover this because their major advertisers are pharmaceutical companies.  Academic researchers are vilified & lose funding.  There are NO whistleblower protections.  Can’t sue pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Vaccines have a tax on them which pays the vaccine court cases.  The DOJ will not get involved in vaccine cases.  No incentive to create a better product.  It’s status quo and business as usual.