Merry Christmas

This season I share the store of Jesse Colin Young, 60’s singer and songwriter, who has an all too familiar story to tell, one that includes depression, anxiety, cognitive issues, and panic attacks.

The good news is someone put an ILADS pamphlet into his hands.  He thought, “Good God, this sounds like my biography….maybe I have Lyme Disease?”  

The following Youtube is one of Young’s most memorable songs.   Crank it up!

For the entire interview where he discusses his journey with Lyme Disease, go to:

You too can be instrumental in changing someone’s life.  All it takes is listening, connecting dots, and pointing people to resources and maybe handing them a pamphlet.  – created for parents and educators  To Order LDA Handouts
The Lyme Disease Association provides the following handouts:

LymeR Primer (pdf) Awareness Brochure: symptoms, tests, tick identification, diseases ticks carry, prevention, tick removal, tick testing, general facts and symptoms about Lyme and many tick-borne diseases.
Tickmarks – Bookmarks (pdf) Awareness Bookmark: pictures of ticks, diseases they carry, proper tick removal.
ABC’s of Lyme Disease (pdf) Brochure For Parents & Educators: specialized information on children in areas of ophthalmology, psychotherapy, neuropsychiatry, gastroenterology, pediatrics, rheumatology, co-infections, education.
TickCard (pdf) Business Sized Awareness Card: pictures of ticks, diseases they carry, symptoms and tick removal

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