{Subject: Lyme Disease & Co-Infections}


The information below was shared with me by the president of the Wisconsin Lyme Network and I am happy to pass it along to all of you.

Below is an invitation to the Wisconsin Naturopathic Physician {WNPA} Midwest Regional Conference in Madison that will be held on March 10th and 11th.

Naturopathic Doctor’s from several Midwestern states will be in attendance.  MD’s, NP’s and other health care professionals are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend as well.  The focus of the two day conference will be lyme disease and tick-borne co-infections.

  • The attachment below has the list of speakers, some of whom are Board Members and Consulting members of the Wisconsin Lyme Network.   Lectures
  • Additionally, there’s an attachment of the Vendor Invitation Letter.  The Wisconsin Lyme Network will be setting up an informational booth at the convention and other vendors are welcome to do so.  Vendor Invite Letter

Medical professionals will be given preference for seating at the convention {Appx. 150} and the general public thereafter.

Please check out the attachments for information and feel free to spread the word.

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