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3-D Presentation of MSIDS“>http://

Excellent video put out by Envita Medical Center.  While I definitely believe in a comprehensive treatment plan, I’m not endorsing Envita or any other clinic.  Please read reviews and do your own research.  I will state unequivocally that we are desperate patients.  I assure you there is no magic bullet. Absolutely NO MAGIC BULLET.  I often tell people that MSIDS needs everything AND the kitchen sink!  Our immune systems are different and we are infected with different pathogens.  Some have been ill longer than others.  The longer you are infected, the deeper and wider the pathogens have burrowed.  And remember, “If any treatment seems too good to be true, it probably is!”  

Proof that Chronic Lyme Disease Exists

Link to Dr. Cameron’s article on Chronic Lyme Disease with great references at the end.