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New Tick Born Disease (Health Alert)

It Looks Like Lyme, Acts Like Lyme, But It’s Not Lyme… New Tick born disease.

Read more at Maryland Lyme’s site.  Link below.


More Chinks in XMRV-Chronic Fatigue Link

By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage Today  09/23/2011

Lab Testing (Tom Grier)

Article found on the Canada Lyme Disease Foundation website by Tom Grier about “Three Main Categories of Lyme Disease Tests”

Evidence of Persistent Lyme Disease

The following link is a voluminous report showing multiple studies

and evidence of persistent lyme disease, even after abx treatment.

“Lyme on the Brain” word attachments with photos

Lecture Notes of Tom Grier: Tom Grier (Microbiologist from Minnesota) spoke at Lac Court Oreilles Convention Center in Hayward, WI.  Tom’s life work is to do further research and bring awareness of this illness to everyone.

Previous posts have not included the photos and clip art which is helpful in understanding the lecture posts fully.  You can find links to “Lyme on the Brain” documents in PDF form on the Wisconsin Lyme website.