FDA says Guillain-Barre syndrome is possible risk of Pfizer’s RSV vaccine for older adults

  • Two people in their 60s who received Pfizer’s RSV shot were diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, out of about 20,000 vaccine recipients.
  • The FDA sees a potential risk and has asked Pfizer to conduct a safety study on Guillain-Barre after a potential approval, which the company said it would do.
  • There was also a possible case of Guillain-Barre syndrome in GSK’s trials, but the company said there was insufficient evidence to confirm a diagnosis.
  • The FDA and the study investigator consider the GSK case to be related to the vaccine.



I assure you, if the FDA ever concedes anything, the problem in reality is far, far worse as the agency is riddled with conflicts of interest.  A perfect example is the VAERS data base which only captures 1% of vaccine injury and death:

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