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Patent royalties and pharmaceutical profits over lifesaving care? (Part 2)

Carl Tuttle

Hudson, NH, United States

JAN 12, 2023 — 

We have been shouting from the rooftops for decades!! No one listened.

Now through the current pandemic the rest of the world is waking up to a False Public Health Narrative.

What you are about to read set the stage for “Safe and Effective”

-Manipulated diagnostic tests

-Suppression of the truth, facts, and scientific references

-Persecution of doctors who did not conform to published IDSA treatment protocols

-False Public Health Narrative; “Hard to catch and easy to treat”

After experiencing Covid, Now do you believe us?

Patent royalties and pharmaceutical profits over lifesaving care? Sound familiar?

2nd letter to Dattwyler (See previous update for part1)

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From: CARL TUTTLE <runagain@comcast.net>
To: “Raymond_Dattwyler@nymc.edu” <Raymond_Dattwyler@nymc.edu>
Cc: “npjvaccines@nature.com” <npjvaccines@nature.com>, “abarrett@utmb.edu” <abarrett@utmb.edu>, “R.W.Titball@exeter.ac.uk” <R.W.Titball@exeter.ac.uk>, “mgomesso@uthsc.edu” <mgomesso@uthsc.edu>
Date: 01/11/2023 10:46 AM
Subject: Re: The year that shaped the outcome of the OspA vaccine for human Lyme disease
Dr. Dattwyler

As a follow-up to my inquiry questioning patent royalties and pharmaceutical profits over lifesaving care, you failed to mention in your manuscript that Western blot reporting criteria was manipulated in 1995 to facilitate vaccine development. (Dearborn Conference)

That manipulation led to a reduction in diagnostic success rate to 31% as reported by Dr. Paul Fawcett during the 1995 Rheumatology Symposia:

1995 Rheumatology Symposia Abstract# 1254 Dr. Paul Fawcett et al.

See full Abstract here

Dr. Fawcett has been the head of the research and clinical immunology laboratories since 1986. In addition, he serves as Chair of the IACUC and is a member of the IRB.
Source: https://www.nemoursresearch.org/snap/node/11969

Even more significant is Dennis Parenti’s 1998 vaccine presentation (Lyme.org at 1 hr 9 minutes). Dr. Parenti, medical director of the vaccine trial – the largest Lyme trial in history, discusses the research findings of seronegative Lyme. At 36% it is a common presentation. This proves that a negative western blot is meaningless. Since their patients were culture positive and/or DNA positive for Borrelia infection and western blot negative. Those patients would never get treatment because of the false standard. Despite the CDC knowing this, HHS knowing this, physician harassment continued unabated. This means that our own government was cherry-picking scientific findings to force false science on public health and block the public from getting the medical care they needed.

Once again, patent royalties and pharmaceutical profits over lifesaving care.

Slide from Dennis Parenti’s 1998 vaccine presentation:

See slide here_________________________________________________________

Seronegative Lyme does not prove:
1. A vaccine prevented disease:
2. A patient does not have Lyme disease;
3. Malpractice by doctors who treat them for disease;
4. An antibiotic has eradicated the disease;
5. A relapse is not occurring.

Seronegative Lyme is another clue of how the pathogen disables the patient’s immune system. That is the message by the bacterium to researchers, not that the patient does not have Lyme disease.

“Every research study that uses and article referencing seronegative Lyme to indicate any of the above is fraudulent and should not be used. Almost all protocols ignore this fact!!!” -Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner, Lyme Disease Foundation (founded in 1988)

The pursuit of patent royalties and pharmaceutical profits has caused unimaginable pain and suffering all across America!
Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH

Cc: Alan D.T. Barrett, PhD Editor-in-Chief

Rick Titball, PhD, DSc, Deputy Editor

Lyme Disease Foundation
Willy Burgdorfer
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