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LEAKED VIDEO: World MISLED by falsified data, says Israeli journalist

Israeli health reporter reveals a shocking story about the data governments around the world used to justify vaccine mandates


December 01, 2022

Israel reportedly had no effective monitoring system for adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine in 2021 when the world relied on their data to guide vaccine policy, including mandates.

Israeli health reporter Yaffa Shir-Raz told Rebel News that “Israel was Pfizer’s laboratory” and the FDA’s decision to approve the booster shot was based on Israeli data.

“But what the world did not know is that almost for the entire year in which all the population was vaccinated two, even three doses, Israel did not have any functioning monitoring system,” she said.

Shir-Raz said the Ministry of Health lied, to its own people and to the FDA, when it claimed side effects from the vaccine were minimal and short term. They had no way of knowing, she said.

The journalist claims that it wasn’t until December 2021 that a six month study of reactions to the vaccine was properly conducted, the results of which completely contradicted advice the Ministry of Health had previously given.

“Those results actually contradict the entire narrative that we were told and the narrative was that side effects are mostly mild, if any,” she said.

“They found new side effects not listed by Pfizer, including very serious ones such as neurological ones … and menstrual irregularities.”

Shir-Raz says that when results of the study were presented in May of this year the Israeli Ministry of Health stopped the research.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t new and lying has become the new norm  in the world of COVID and the clot-shots.

  • Back in Feb. the Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) conducted an actual survey on adverse events on thousands of people 3-4 weeks after their third booster.  The results are unambiguous, unprecedented, and absolutely devastating.
  • MoH put up a Facebook post deriding all the “fake news” about side effects that was quickly flooded with thousands of comments from those who were harmed.
  • MoH apparently panicked and were ‘caught in the act’ of deleting hundreds if not thousands of comments by people reading the comments who took videos of them being deleted. There are currently 27,000 comments but it’s unknown how many were deleted.  ICAN just issued a FOIA request to the CDC for a VAERS report that seemingly disappeared without a trace about a two year old boy “began bleeding out of the mouth, eyes, nose and ears within 6 hours” after the Pfizer jab.
  • Israel was caught again for concealing children’s “vaccine” injuries back in July.

But Israel doesn’t have the corner on corruption:

  • Pfizer and the FDA knew by December, 2020 that the mRNA shots did not work and waned in efficacy, presenting “vaccine” failure.
  • They knew that a side-effect one month after the mass rollout was COVID (break-through infections)
  • Pfizer and the FDA also knew the mRNA shots target “reproduction itself,” as the lipid nanoparticles traverse the amniotic membrane, entering the fetal environment.  They also traverse the blood-brain barrier.
  • Pfizer’s claim that the shots are safe for pregnant women was based on a study of 44 rats that were followed for 42 days. The researchers were also shareholders or employees of BioNTech (“vaccine” manufacturing company).
  • While pregnant women were excluded from internal studies and from EUA – from the basis of which all pregnant women were told the shot was “safe and effective,” about 270 women got pregnant during the human study.  More than 230 were lost….but of the 36 pregnant women followed – 28 lost their babies.
  • A baby died after nursing from a “vaccinated” lactating mother and was found to have an inflamed liver.  Other nursing babies showed agitation, GI distress, failure to grow, and were inconsolable.  Four women reported “blue-green” breast milk.
  • Pfizer and the FDA knew that the mRNA, spike protein, and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site but went into the blood stream within 48 hours where it lodges in many organs.
  • Pfizer skewed the trail subjects so almost 3/4 were female – who are known to be less prone to cardiac damage.
  • Pfizer managed to lose hundreds of trial subject records.
  • In the internal trials over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1,200 people died – four of which died on the day they were injected.  Source


Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University warns billions of lives could ultimately be in danger due to Covid vaccines.

Natural immunity has been suppressed

Japanese professor Masanori Fukushima is a distinguished expert and author who has published articles on biomedical research and translation medicine. He is the director and chairman of the Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation and the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe. Masanori has over three decades of experience as an oncologist and to top it off, he is Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University.

In a heated meeting with officials, the Professor gave his opinion on the dangers of Covid vaccines and how science has been suppressed.  (See link for article)


Please see this 5 minute video where Fukushima explains the idiocy and tragedy of the shots in scathing terms.  It’s on Twitter as well.  Japan is among the most heavily COVID -“vaccinated” nations in the world, but COVID cases and excess all-cause mortality are rising again.  The country had a negative population growth prior to COVID but now births are at a new low.  Source

Fukushima calls for the dissolution of the committee that has been doing nothing and acting as though nothing is happening, “forcefully ignoring” the data, including data from autopsies of Japanese citizens who have died from the “vaccines”.

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