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Borrelia Research Microscopic Discover

Chronic Borrelia diseases in patients who show negative Lyme serology results in blood testing can be verified by microscopic detection of Borrelia spirochetes under the microscope from tissue samples, or blood smears or Cerebrospinal fluid.
My research uses DNA probes to directly image Borrelia spirochetes in blood, tissue, or CSF fluids which are provided to me by patients.
Publication of my research discoveries in Medical Journals is necessary to convince the medical community of the science behind my DNA probe based research.
Medical Journals charge between $3000 to $4000 for each manuscript which is cleared for publication.  These costs have prevented me from publishing my research discoveries of chronic Lyme disease case studies in which blood antibody studies are falsely negative and which are only validated by microscopic detection of Borrelia spirochetes in patient specimens.
I request your donations to help pay for the costs of publication of my Free to all Lyme disease research discoveries.
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Alan B MacDonald MD
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