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Man Who Invented Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Admits He Hasn’t Been Jabbed

Dr. Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech—the biotechnology company that worked with Pfizer to develop the world’s first COVID vaccine—has admitted on camera that he did not get jabbed with the COVID vaccine. When asked by a German reporter why he wasn’t vaccinated, Dr. Sahin became evasive and vaguely claimed that it’s illegal for him to get vaccinated and his company must focus on producing billions of vaccines for others.

According to the video, Reuters “fact-checked” the very words that came out of Dr. Sahin’s mouth, but offer zero evidence to back it up. According to Reuters, Sahin did NOT state he was unvaccinated. That’s right, you heard wrong.

Facebook et al. will not allow anyone to contradict Reuter’s unsubstantiated claim.

Please remember this post where Bill Gate’s doctor states the billionaire “philanthropist” refuses to vaccinate his own children, yet wants a needle in everyone else’s arm.

It appears once again that “rules are for thee, but not for me”.

More proof we are not in this all together.


Pfizer and Moderna to Investigate Their Own Vaccines for Myocarditis Risks 

By Tyler Durden

Nov. 15, 2022

Why is Big Pharma investigating their own covid vaccines for myocarditis side effects if the vaccines were already supposedly tested and proven safe and effective?

Both Pfizer and Moderna have announced that they will be undertaking studies to determine the longer term risks of Myocarditis (an inflammatory condition of the heart which can lead to death) for people who have been injected with the mRNA based covid vaccines.  The decision comes after the release of multiple medical studies which show a correlation and causation between the vaccines and an exponential increase in heart problems, specifically among men 40 years old and younger.  Only a year ago the link between covid vaccinations and myocarditis was widely denied. 

Studies also show that myocarditis risk increases with the number of boosters a person has taken.  (See link for article)



Studies, smudies….  we will simply investigate ourselves using a flawed study design, and counter those meddlesome ‘misinformation’ studies that show our gene therapy shots are dangerous.  If anything negative is uncovered, we will simply spin it to be positive….it’s what we do and nobody cares.

Important excerpt:

In all likelihood, Pfizer and Moderna are trying to get out ahead of burgeoning side effects with their own studies as a means to spin or mitigate bad press in the future.  The chances of these studies providing honest data driven assessments are low.  

It’s been less than two years since widespread distribution of the covid vaccines and we are already seeing signs of negative health issues through myocarditis and blood clotting disorders.  One has to wonder what further terrible developments will unfold for vaccinated people in another two years. 

Oh dear. The truth is finally catching up to the lies, so more lies must be spun to keep the narrative going.

This would almost be funny if it wasn’t so serious.


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