America’s Recipe for Systemic Disintegration

More than ever before in American history people are no longer able to trust their leaders in government, industry and the media. Rather than put our confidence in official positions of power and influence, there is a better way to concentrate our focus. That is, we should allow history, independent science and substantiated facts to be our arbiters.

For example, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, it was understandable that we lacked sufficient, objective information to make informed judgments and decisions. All of the data about the new coronavirus strain and its spread was derived and disseminated from official sources. Therefore, we had to rely upon the reputation of the professional institutions and the believability of so-called experts to guide us.

Without being political, partisan or biased, we can now review the official narrative and determine what was true, false and remains unproven. We were told there were enormous numbers of deaths among the elderly to justify emergency measures to rapidly develop novel drugs and new vaccines. However, the evidence shows the opposite. The vast majority of deaths in hospitals, critical care centers and nursing homes were people who died from pre-existing comorbidities that may have been complicated by SARS-2 infection. In addition, the earlier accepted course of treatment – quarantine and oxygen therapy – was shown to be largely ineffective and, in fact, further complicated rising mortality rates.

Moreover, if a patient in hospice care with terminal cancer or COPD became infected, the death would have been ruled Covid-19.  This manipulation of cause-of-death certificates presented an image that the virus was far more lethal than it actually was. Only about 7 percent of reported Covid deaths can actually be associated with the virus as the primary cause.

Many medical professionals have reported that the PCR diagnostic test used throughout the world was remarkably flawed with very high rates of false positives. it has been known for a couple decades that PCR is an unreliable diagnostic tool for infectious diseases. Had we not relied on PCR, the case rate would never have warranted such a hysteric reaction. In the absence of novel drugs targeting the SARS-2 virus specifically nor a vaccine, health officials held firm to the story that there was no effective treatment. Infected people should return home and quarantine themselves until their condition worsens. The reality is that there were multiple highly effective drugs and therapeutic protocols that could have been prescribed but weren’t. As a result, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost unnecessarily. Worst, this may have been the first time in American medicine when large numbers of orthodox physicians and medical experts, the large majority who are pro-vaccine, were attacked, ridiculed and cancelled for suggesting early treatment with FDA approved off-label drugs such as hydroxychoroquine and ivermectin. Any doctor who spoke out was fair game.

Locking down entire cities and quarantining large numbers of presumably infected people did nothing to stop the pandemic. Such brash measures miscalculated the long-term consequences. Throughout the pandemic depression and anxiety, suicides, alcohol consumption and drug overdoses reached record highs.

In addition, all of the propaganda about the Covid vaccines being safe and effective was indisputably erroneous. Clearly when the major institutions that create and execute national health policies are repeatedly wrong and misguided, the public quickly loses trust. These public health debacles, as well as other issues, cost taxpayers enormous sums. The latest is a $40 billion aid package to dump into the Ukrainian government’s losing war with Russia. It is unfathomable that supporting a nation militarily and economically, which has been ranked as the most corrupt in Europe, would take precedence over the severe crises in the domestic economy. Congress’ aid package becomes all the more ludicrous and egregious when we take into account the US’s increasing inflation, skyrocketing energy costs and widespread shortages in infant formula.  (See link for article)



  • Those in power are the structural problem behind this catastrophe
  • About 75% of restaurants and bars closed during the pandemic will never reopen again.
  • The sole, fear filled, daily message given to the public was to get tested, and get the “vaccine” despite the glaring flaws of both.
  • A complicit media continually gives the official COVID narrative.
  • Educated people are supporting irrational beliefs.
  • Nothing is being done about the following:
    • 66 million Americans are now food insecure
    • 2 million don’t have clean drinking water
    • 4 in 10 Americans, 132 million, are financially broke
    • Obesity is the health risk most associated with Covid deaths; 40% of American adults, 20 years and over, are clinically obese and another 72% are overweight
    • Our federal health agencies remain in the grip of the junk food industry’s lobbying
    • 44 million Americans are uninsured and an additional 38 million have inadequate health insurance
    • 43 million American adults (21%) are illiterate
    • US total debt is now $91 trillion

Please read The Spartacus Letter, written anonymously due to fear of retribution, which delineates point by point the utter farce and mishandling of COVID.

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