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Updated: 5/9/2022

About Disulfiram and Lyme Disease

By Dr. Marty Ross

For 30 percent of people with chronic Lyme disease, disulfiram is a game changer. This is a medicine historically used to treat people with alcoholism. Ground-breaking research from Dr. Rajadas’ Stanford University lab in 2016 showed disulfiram kills persister and growing forms of Lyme germs. Based on Rajada’s research, disulfiram is being repurposed as a Lyme antibiotic.

In alcoholism, disulfiram prevents the breakdown of a toxic alcohol by-product called acetaldehyde. As acetaldehyde builds up, it makes a person sick with severe abdominal pains and even headaches. In alcoholism, a person takes this medicine daily to prevent them from drinking out of fear it will cause severe illness if they drink alcohol.

In Lyme disease, we do not know the mechanism of how disulfiram works. But we do know in the laboratory that it kills Lyme persisters and is moderately effective at treating growing Lyme too. We also theorize that it breaks up biofilm slime layers that protect the germs.

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Please read Dr. Ross’s article in full as well as watch the video.  He gives dosages as well as supportive supplements.

SUMMARY of effectiveness:

Dr. Liegner’s review of his patient’s charts shows:

  • 92.5 percent of people have varying degrees of improvements
  • 36.4 percent – enduring remission (clinically well for 6 months without anti-infectives)
  • 49.3 percent – fatigue as a side effect
  • 31.3 percent – psychiatric problems like anxiety, depression, hallucinations
  • 14.9 percent – neuropathy
  • 14.9 percent – liver enzyme elevation
  • 50 percent – unable to reach the target dose due to side effects (see dosing section below)

Dr. Ross states: Even if a person cannot reach the target dose, in my experience many get benefit by staying at a dose they can tolerate for at least 4 months.

Dr. Ross also states that Disulfiram doesn’t work for Bartonella but may help Babesia.

Please also see:

If you are a single person, please educate yourself about the psychiatric issues.  Never take this drug without a plan in place to have people checking in on you daily.  Take it from me – you can go mad as a hatter and be completely oblivious to your madness.  Been there, done that.  Neuropathy can also be a real side effect problem.

I’m still glad I tried it!

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